what music do you like (im bored)


what do you listen to? vote one type plz

  1. techno

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  2. raggae

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  3. hiphop/rap

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  4. classic

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  5. rock/pop

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  1. b

    betta waita New Member Member

    i love techno!
  2. J

    Jon Well Known Member Member

    classic rock... but seeing as its not on your list i refuse to vote
  3. E

    EmpPleco Well Known Member Member

    May I suggest you seperate rock and pop? Because I love Rock, but don't care for pop so much ;)

  4. Isabella

    Isabella Fishlore VIP Member

    EmpPleco, good point. I wanted to choose rock and had to click on rock/pop. Would be good if you separated these Betta Waita :)
  5. Marc

    Marc Well Known Member Member

    Pop, as far as I'm concerned, is crap :)
  6. J

    Jon Well Known Member Member

    add classic rock i command you its all i listen to and i listen to it 24/7 plz add now gieb more options !!!

  7. n

    newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    uh oh bette waita you better add it, he's commanding you! lol... :p
  8. J

    Jon Well Known Member Member

    lol >.<
  9. A

    Absynthe New Member Member

    All types of metal, Techno, Rock, Punk, and just a sprinkle of old-school hip-hop (Rap = Crap)
  10. J

    Jon Well Known Member Member

    rap = crap !! agreed.

    but about this techno... seems pretty popular.. the only techno i like is remixes of videogame music so i can laff at it lol ^,^
  11. A

    Absynthe New Member Member

    Oh yes, I DEFINATELY love videogame remixes. Thats what got me into techno in the first place.
  12. J

    Jon Well Known Member Member

    yep lol... my fav is lonely rolling star off Katamari Damacy... doesnt need to be remixed its so awesome.
  13. A

    Absynthe New Member Member

    Do you have any sites to suggest that specialize in this type of music? Only site I know about currently is OCRemix. :(
  14. J

    Jon Well Known Member Member

    nope sry.
  15. F

    Fish Girl New Member Member

    I like all sorts - rock and pop, even though some people say pop is rubbich. I also like some heavy metal, a few rap songs and the Gorillaz, whatever category they are.
  16. Jimold

    Jimold Well Known Member Member

    personally, I'm a metal head at heart!
  17. Neville

    Neville Well Known Member Member

    i like this music thing. great idea!!!!!! i like metal and rock. love metallica, iron maiden and guns n' roses.