What mesure do you use to calculate how many fish?


I have a Mirabello 30.

Nice aquarium beside that I stress whenever I need replacement filter media and all..

It's 30 Litres. Easy.

But when I convert to gallons, it's 6.5 Imperial gallons but 7.9 US gallons!

According to the 1inch of fish/gallon thing, since I have 2 Rummy Nose teras left and 3 Cherry barbs for a total of potentially 8.5 fish inches/8 gallons it seems I'm already full (unfortunately) if I use the US mesure. But as per imperial mesures.. I'm overstocked!!

30L seems like such a small tank.. which I bought a bigger one..


The information I have is all based on the US measure.



I asked the same question. I think people thought I was nuts, but 2 gals is a fair bit of difference. At the end of the day, I think US gals is the acurate one to go with.....besides your fish will soon let you know if you overstock!!


her in australia we also run the metric systems. I have heard in my travels that you can use 1cm per 2 litres. this will give you just under 1 inch per gallon(u.s) that is what I am using thus giving my fish a bit more room to swim in. they simply return the favour to me by being healthy happy and VERY active= very happy fish keeper

regards Dazzler

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