What Medications Should I Have On Hand For My Adfs?

Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by ahouseofscales, Apr 26, 2017.

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    Hi! I need help stocking up on medications for African Dwarf Frogs. Neither of them are sick right now, but I want to make sure I have meds on hand just in case. I need meds that can treat all the types of diseases that ADFs can get (OK if there are multiple). I also need meds that are safe to use with fish (bettas, guppies) and ghost shrimp in the tank.

    All of your help is greatly appreciated!!!

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    It is always best to have a separate sick tank for ADFs. Most injuries occur with their feet, so even a small gallon tank would be awesome, as it keeps them from stressing said feet. Typically a small tank between 1-3 gallons would run you no more than $20, more if you wish to put in a filter and heater. (I use a heater, but because the tank is so small, I just do 100% water changes daily when I have my sick tank out.)

    If you are unable to add another tank, your recovery times may take a bit longer. I half the recommended fish dose for my frogs (so if it says use 4 drops, I use 2, for example). Also keep in mind that very few things are safe for shrimp, another reason to get a separate tank.

    The main things that plague ADFs are fungus and bacterial infections. Fungus is that gross cottony white stuff and bacterial infections cause their little bodies to appear red. Bacterial infections are much easier to get rid of than fungus, and many open wounds tend to become covered with a fungus "scab," which can kill them.

    For my frogs, I keep both Pimafix and Melafix on hand. My frogs have yet to become sick, and the only ones I've treated I've either brought home very sick from work (Eurydice, Bumi, and Orgrimm) or treated the ones at work. I've had much better success at home in the gallon sick tank (three lived, one death) than at work with the 30 gallon communal sick tank (most frogs who go in that tank die).

    Aquarium salt is a must. There are conflicting reports on whether salt is good for frogs or not but personally, I've always had success. As a bonus, salt is also great for fish illnesses as well. I put a 1/2 tablespoon in my aquarium every week during water changes; for sick tanks, I sprinkle a few crystals every two or three days. Too much salt is NOT good for them but it does help keep fungus away from wounds.

    Maracyn I and Maracyn II are also great medications safe for frogs, though I don't have experience with them.

    As a disclaimer: I have no idea if anything I've recommended is safe for shrimp, aside from salt. My shrimp live in a different tank than my frogs, and I've been fortunate enough that they haven't been sick. Shrimp are delicate little crustaceans and nearly all aquatic medications are produced for fish, not amphibians or crustaceans. Again, if you can afford it (financially and in terms of the space it would take up), I would recommend also buying a dedicated sick tank. It is so much easier, faster, and safer to quarantine and medicate a sick animal than to medicate the entire tank for one animal, if that makes sense.
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    Thanks for the info. It's good to know that Pimafix, Maracyn II, and aquarium salt are safe for frogs since that's what I have already. Neko is the only frog I have in with the shrimp right now. Finn is in QT in my 5 gallon currently. Financially speaking I could afford a sick tank but I unfortunately don't have the room for one. I guess I'll just have to relocate them to my 5 gallon if any problems arise.
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    Is your 5 gallon only used for quarantine? As long as you don't already have a QT animal in it, I see no harm in having it be both QT and hospital. I do that myself, because I have JUST enough room for the sick tank, there's no way I could squeeze an additional QT tank in here.

    I have found that Melafix and Pimafix used together work best to combat frog injuries like wounds, breaks - nothing bacterial or internal. My work is always having problems with frogs hurting their feet - as long as you get to them before the fungus really sets in (like when it looks like they've pulled on white socks, before the fungus really starts to become fuzzy), it should be a quick fix. I've put nine work frogs in the sick tank and used both Pima/Melafix on them. Three came home with me (Dexter, Orgrimm, Bumi) because their injuries were just too bad to leave them in the tank and one of those three died. Three died in the work tank. Five are still alive and doing very well. They can actually go back on the floor this week.

    In contrast, when I brought Eurydice home, she was sharing her tank with three other frogs and at the time the sick tank only got Pimafix. Eurydice was brought home and treated the way I described before. Her three tankmates at work all died.

    As an aside: it is ADORABLE you named your frog Neko.
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    My 5 gallon permanently houses my betta Kylo and temporarily houses my new ADF Finn. He's in QT there so I can make sure he doesn't have Chytrid. Once his 2 month QT is over he'll be moved in with Neko.

    There's no way I'll be able to get another tank, as much as I want one. If they do end up getting sick I'll probably move them both to the 5 gallon for treatment and temporarily relocate Kylo to my spare bowl while they're being treated. It's the best I can do.

    And thanks! Cute, isn't he?