What Makes Plants from Vishaquatics Different Than the Rest?


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Hi FishLore,

I’ve recently gotten some inquiries on how my plants are different from the rest of the competition and I’d like to address that.

Most aquatic plant nurseries, large retailers, and most online sellers grow their plants emersed, or above the water. Almost all species of aquatic plants are amphibious and they’re grown emersed because it allows for faster, pest free, robust growth. It’s also much easier and manageable.

However, the downside to this is the melt that most plants will go through as they transition from their emersed form to their submersed form. Most plants look completely different above the water versus below the water.

I grow all my plants entirely submerged under the water. I also grow them outdoors using only the sunlight. This is difficult because of temperature and light fluctuations, but the plants that I produce are more hardy since they can adjust to a variety of temperatures and they transition to other aquariums much more easily than emersed grown plants. The sunlight brings out the true colors of the plants. When you buy from Vishaquatics, I can guarantee that your plants will be
1) In optimal health
2) Best color
3) Grown submerged
4) Completely algae free

Thank you for reading :)
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