What kinds of fish are good for a 15g tank?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by arselliam, Jan 8, 2013.

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    At first set up, I had 4 goldfish in the tank. 2 had died, then my son poured a whole container of fish food in the tank. I moved the 2 remaining goldfish so I could clean out the tank. Yesterday, one of the goldfish died. I looked at him, and he had a bunch of scales missing and just didn't look well Some white on his forehead. Now I'm worried about my little white goldfish. He's acting perfectly fine, but some of the funguses and such I've looked up are scary!!

    I decided to keep this goldfish in this 5 gallon for the time being. I cleaned out the 15 gallon tank, now I'm planning for when I get new fish for the tank. I need suggestions on what kinds, how many?? Thanks!
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    Your goldfish will turn into this, plus some:


    This particular fish is about 2 years old and 9 inches ( 1 1/2 in this pic, and 8 inches). If you cant properly house your little guy, you need to do the right thing by him and send him off to a nice pond. They can live more than a dozen years and reach 18 or so inches.

    For your 15, I'd try a dwarf gourami and some schoolers :;th
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    in your profile it says that you do not know the nitrification cycle (click on link). i would take the goldfish back to the store and do as much reading on the subject before you even consider re-stocking. after you read up on it more you should then cycle and while the tank is cycling consider your options for a 15 gallon.
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    Nitrogen Cycle - link

    Goldfish need huge tanks to accomadate their potential size, the reason the others died is due to dirty water and cramped space. I wouldn't add anything to the 15 until it is heated and cycled.
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    woops, guess mine didn't make a link. oh and goldfish need minimum 30 gallons, plus 10 gallons per every goldfish after the first.
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    Would you put that 9 inch fish in a 30 gallon tank?
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    Learn about the Nitrogen Cycle, it'll do magic. If you want to keep fish, you must learn this process and how it works. It's key to keeping fish.

    Do you have a water test kit? If not, I recommend getting one. Get a liquid test kit, not testing strips. Your test kit will also be important in the process of the Nitrogen Cycle.

    As far as stocking goes, I would recommend a Honey Gourami (As your centre piece fish) and some schoolers like Espei Rasboras. I've done that combo and they worked well.
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    Guppies, danios, platys, tetras, bettas(reccomended-female), mollies, ghost shrimp, and maybe
    A freshwater clam or two to help with filtration. Also, you could add some snails(reccomended-mystery smails cuz they dont reproduce) and maybe some algae eaters.
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    Clams are a bit picky for a new fish keeper, and mystery snails poop far too much for a new fish keeper as well. Nerites are a better option, as they don't reproduce fresh water and eat algea like its going out of style. Mollies can reach 4-8 inches and do best in tanks 2x larger at the least. :;th
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    tetras and frogs