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Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Watts Mason, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Watts MasonValued MemberMember

    Hey, I am starting a new aquarium and I want set it up with live plants (my first time). My idea is to have a ten gallon tank with about 3 sort of tall broad leaf/thin leaf plants that look exotic, and maybe a peace of driftwood with moss growing on it going across the middle of the tank with some medium size plants around it. And then some small plants up in the front. I want to know how to do co2 stuff and what are the most recommended types of plant fertilizer? Also, what type of plants would be best for this kind of setup (I hope you get the picture)? And are there any type of tetra's that can go in that tank, I want at least 2 kinds of fish. Do you think it will all work out with just this filter and no co2 stuff? Does anybody have any suggestions?
  2. AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

  3. DanB80TTSWell Known MemberMember

    I bought two of that exact filter for two ten gallon tanks, one of which I have planted and am not using any CO2 system (using flourish excel for carbon)

    The links AquaticBrandon shared will help you out a lot.
  4. Watts MasonValued MemberMember

    For the fish, could I have 6 red dwarf rasboras and 6 emerald dwarf rasboras?
  5. Watts MasonValued MemberMember

    And for the plants, some java ferns around the driftwood and some java moss tied to the driftwood with fishing line, some hornwort with plant weights holding it down in the background, and some anacharis in sort of mid ground, and then amazon sword in the background, and dwarf baby tears and dwarf hair grass in the front. How does that sound??
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    Might want to check about anacharis, it's restricted in a lot of states.
    What substrate are you using? You won't need weights on the plants unless you go for a large gravel substrate, most substrate will hold the stems just fine. Hornwort grows like a weed though, so if you do go with that be prepared to need to trim it every 3 days or so, it's gets to be quite a pain especially in a small tank.

    For Amazon swords you will need to get root tabs as they are root feeders, they will also grow big.
    Also Check out anubias, it comes in different sizes and can attach to decor just like Java fern, you could attach Anubias nana to some small rocks and place them in the foreground.
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  8. Watts MasonValued MemberMember


    - 3-4 amazon swords in the back to cover equipment
    - 3 java ferns
    and 2 water wisteria around driftwood
    - Java moss patches here and there
    - A few anubias nana plants in the foreground on small rocks
    - A large rock in the back right with a few anubias nana on it
    - 20 lbs naturalistic river gravel

    My idea is to have a large peace of weird looking driftwood going through the middle of the tank and then leaning on the large rock with anubias nana and java ferns on both of them. Then java ferns and water wisteria around and underneath the driftwood and rock. Then amazon swords in the back to cover equipment. And then java moss in patches here and there on the bottom and some on the driftwood.


    - This filter with this air pump
    - "Neptune" 50 watt aquarium heater


    - 6 red dwarf rasboras
    - 6 emerald dwarf rasboras
    - 5 RCS (to start with)
    - 2 apple snails (safe with plants?)


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