What kind of water conditioner can be used with Marineland freshwater Bio Spira?

As 9 out of 10 dechlorinators are based on the same chemicals, it's irrelevant.
Fishbish24 said:
I used Seachem Prime five days ago when I did a water change during my fishless cycle but I was reading that Prime in the water could mess with Bio Spira. Which brand can I use?
Hey so general info I found online from years ago
"Add dechlorinator/dechloraminator of choice . Water must be conditioned before using Bio-Spira™ or the bacteria will die from the chlorine or chloramines normally present in tap water. However, ammonia-removing products like Ammo-Lock and Bio-Safe, which will give the bacteria of Bio-Spira nothing to feed on, must be avoided. However, water conditioners such as AmQuel®, Prime™ and Ammonia Detox may still used and should be used if you have to neutralize chloramines in your tap water"

In any case, if you don't treat the tap water then the chlorine/chloramine will kill the nitrifying bacteria.

What about Nutrafin Aqua Plus+ ?

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