What Kind Of Swordtail Is This?

Discussion in 'Swordtails' started by Samwuzhere, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. SamwuzhereNew MemberMember


    Does anyone know what kind of swordtail this is? I just bought it. It looks blue when the light hits right, and it’s grey when it doesn’t.

    Also what would it look like if it was bred with this one(the red one on top)?I’m just curious

  2. Five 97Well Known MemberMember

    The top swordtail is a 'pineapple' strain. And the bottom swordtail is a 'painted' strain. I don't exactly know what any resulting fry would look like, but the horizontal bars on the 'pineapple' strains tend to be pretty resilient through breeding, so I would expect any fry to develop those bars as well, however faint or dark.
  3. McasellaFishlore VIPMember

    The male in the top picture is not a pineapple it is a green. The bottom is a painted strain. You don't know what genetics the fish have so you can't really predict what will come from them.
  4. chromedome52Fishlore VIPMember

    Well, we're getting closer. The top one is a Blue (more specifically, non-yellow), not a great one, but definitely genetically blue. The lower one is not a Painted, it is a Tuxedo. The black Tux marking can vary from heavy to light, but it is still a distinct band down the flanks. Painted is a bunch of random black blotches.

    I don't know for certain the genetics of the blues. However, I believe it is a pure recessive, which means breeding it to the Red Tux will result in either Red or normal Green Swords, but they would be carrying the blue gene. It gets more complicated from there.

    The Red Tux is a strain that I know very well. The Tuxedo marking is a dominant gene, but is only expressed when heterozygous. A homozygous tux will usually die in the womb, or shortly after birth. So a Red tux is likely to produce some Reds without markings. Red is also a dominant gene, but it is seen the same whether heterozygous or homozygous. Only way to find out what the genetics are is to breed it with a non-red strain and see if any fry are non-red.

    So, likely you will get Red and Red Tux fry, with a possibility of Green and Green Tux fry. Or maybe not. Considering that store bought fish aren't likely to be proper lines, I would just let them breed and see what happens. Only thing I can say for sure is that some of them will have the Tuxedo markings.
  5. McasellaFishlore VIPMember

    Most generic pet stores call them painted, so you can understand the mistake.

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