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What Kind Of Snail's Are These? Question

Discussion in 'Fish, Snail, Worm And Pest ID Help' started by HairyCatFish69, May 19, 2019.

  1. HairyCatFish69 Valued Member Member

    I was at a Petco yesterday wanting to buy a few Zebra Nerite snail's but they were all out. So they offered to sell me these snail's with uniquely patterned shells for the same price as the Zebra snail's. Getting a closer look at them now and they're about the same size as a Nerite but they definitely don't look like any Nerite snail's I've ever seen.

  2. kallililly1973 Well Known Member Member

    Looks like a Zebra Nerite to me. With a little extra wild designs. Personally even though they don't breed in freshwater i shill woulda picked that guy/gal up!!

  3. HairyCatFish69 Valued Member Member

    I have several Zebra Nerite and Tiger Nerite snail's and their shells are not like this.

  4. MamaLlama76 Valued Member Member

    I don't know what kind of snail it is, but it sure looks pretty. Do mystery/apple snails sometimes have patterned shells?

    It sort of looks like the gold mystery snail we had, but ours didn't have a patterned shell...just a little algae growing on it. The gold one mated with our dark colored mystery snail (which is larger) before it died 2 weeks ago (it was in my QT tank to keep algae down and we had moved the other one to son's 29 gal... we were treating a couple fin nipped fish for stubborn fin rot and think the medicine probably was too much for the gold snail.) Anyway, the other snail is doing well in the big tank and has now laid 3 bunches of eggs above the waterline (they are now floating in the tank in a tray that a package of crackers came in, because the kids lost all my leftovers containers, resting on very slightly dampened paper towels. One clutch had fallen off the glass into the tank overnight...don't know if that one will hatch or not. Video said it would take 8 days or so, which would be tomorrow.)

    Maybe the snails were a crossbred type of snail and the patterns combined in an interesting way?
  5. Fishcat Well Known Member Member

    Definitely a nerite, but which one I do not know. Looks a bit like a gold racer, a bit like a lightning-bolt nerite.
  6. HairyCatFish69 Valued Member Member

    Here's a couple more photos of one of these guys. He was just scooting across the gravel and managed to climb up on the glass by the time I went to grab my phone. They move fast, more like a mystery snail moves, peeking out from under its shell with its antennae scanning the area as it zips across the tank. What's got me is the swirly part of its shell, as seen in this photo, looks more like a mystery or ramshorn shells spiral. Not rounded and smooth like my Nerites. And the other has growth marks and grooves in it's shell, just like a mystery snail shell.    
  7. HairyCatFish69 Valued Member Member

    Oh no please don't let it be Mystery snail's. That's what I'm fearing right; that I unintentionally bought home 2 mystery snail's. I'm freaking out a bit actually, lol. You see I just recently got rid of around 25 of my last remaining offspring. Had to donate them to my LFS.
    Long story but I had a couple of ivory and one gold mystery snail and back in October I had found a few clutches that I really didn't want to hatch. But of course my wife thought it would be cute to hatch the babies. So I took an empty betta container and placed a damp sponge and some water in it, layed the clutches on that, and in less than 2 weeks had about a hundred babies.
  8. Fishcat Well Known Member Member

    Definitely a nerite. Look at the petite, polite little foot that doesn’t expand out to cover half the glass, look at the demure antennae. Mysteries let it all hang out. Some of my nerites have that shell shape, and there may be some shell erosion as well.
  9. JamieLu Valued Member Member

    Yes, its a nerite, def not a mystery