What Kind Of Snails Are These?

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  1. Photobelle Valued Member Member

    My tank is being overrun by these snails. They are everywhere. I have 2 clown loaches and an assassin snail and it is just getting worse. They almost have the body type of the assassin so I don't know if it was pregnant or something when I got it. I haven't gotten any new driftwood or anything in a yr. I had pond snails from that but that's why I got the assassin and now this is way worse. Help please! I want to get rid of them. 

  2. Repolie Well Known Member Member

    Those are Malaysian trumpet snails.

  3. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Those look like Malaysian Trumpet Snails. They mostly stay in the substrate and only come out at night. My guess is both snail outbreaks were caused by overfeeding or not cleaning up after your plants. Once you remove their food supply, their population will die down and the assassins and loaches should be able to finish off the rest.

  4. Photobelle Valued Member Member

    How would I have gotten those snails? I have never had them before. Also what do you mean clean up after the plants? I do not think I overfed. I only do a small pinch of fish food twice a day and every few days I do 2 shrimp pellets for the loaches. I have the 2 loaches and 5 glofish danios. I had a feeling that's what they were I just have no idea where they came from!
  5. fjh Well Known Member Member

    They probably hitchhiked on one of your plants. Its happened to all of us, thats why I quarantine plants as well now.
    All I meant by "cleaning up after plants" is removing dead leaves and stuff. They will eat decaying plant material.
  6. 86 ssinit Well Known Member Member

    Yes those are mts and a nerite snail. How old are the clown loaches and how long have you had them? Mts are the best of the pest snails. Especially if you have plants. They constantly move the substrate around. So yes your feeding to much. Cut your feeding in half. Does your assassin look like the ones in my pic? 
  7. Photobelle Valued Member Member

    No my assassin is like a burgendy dark red color . I can never find it lol. I do have a nerite but that shell isn't it lol
  8. 86 ssinit Well Known Member Member

    I’m thinking your assassin was an mts. Assassins look like mine.
  9. AngryRainbow Valued Member Member

    Does your snail look like the one on the far left of this picture?

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  10. Photobelle Valued Member Member

    Yup and I googled it and my snail is definitely not an assassin! Ughhh I got the assassin cause of the pond snails and instead they gave me the wrong one and made the infestation worse! What can I do other than cutting back on feeding and finding and getting rid of the original mts?
  11. AngryRainbow Valued Member Member

    Cut back on feeding, remove as many snails as you can and your loaches should catch up. You could add an actual assassin snail if you'd like too
  12. 86 ssinit Well Known Member Member

    Again :) how old are the loaches and how long have you had them. I ask because I’ve had my clown loaches for around 5 years. About 2 yrs back I added nerite snails to both m tanks. Snains did great for about 6months and than they all died one night in the loaches tank. They figured out they could eat them. So if there new to snails it may take them awhile to realize they’re food. :). So another reason to cut back on feedings.
  13. Photobelle Valued Member Member

    Opps sorry I missed that question! I have only had them a month and they are young. I think one has figured it out cause it has doubled in size the other has lost weight and I think is being bullied. Honestly I had no idea how crazy this fish tank thing would be lol. My kids like fish, but honestly it may have to go away til they are older and can help. I love the plants and the tank I just am not having luck with the animals in it lol.
  14. 86 ssinit Well Known Member Member

    Yes I hear ya. There not easy. They need time and maintenance. Unfortunately clown loaches get to about 12” long. So your gona need a bigger tank down the road.