What Kind Of Snail Is This?

  1. Lizzy23 Member Member

    i recently bought a java fern and i have been keeping it in a glass vase for now, and i noticed that there is some stuff on the leaves i think its just dirt from the pet store but i also found a tiny snail. the snail is about 0.3 cm, does anyone know what type of snail it is and if its a threat to my plant? first pic is leaf with dirt or something second pic is snail.
    20180209_144156.jpg 20180209_143332.jpg
  2. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    Either a bladder or pond snail. They won't hurt the plants but they will breed very quickly.
  3. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

    Can we see the shell?
  4. Lizzy23 Member Member

    i tried to take a picture of the shell but they all came out blurry
  5. Lizzy23 Member Member

    are they hard to get rid of?
  6. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

  7. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    An absolute pain in the butt to get rid of. Pick them out as you see them, maybe even crush them against the glass but that would dirty the water more than anything.
  8. Bruxes and Bubbles Well Known Member Member

    Bladder snail.

    Good for flat algae. Will populate a lot if there's excess food/dead plants in the tank.
  9. Lizzy23 Member Member

    so if there is no extra food in the tank will they start to eat the plants or will the die off or something
  10. Bermuda Triangle Initiate Member

    I agree , most likely a pond snail . They are considered a nuisance snail. They will multiply very quickly . If you do not have any other snails in the tank such as nerite , apple snails . Clown loach fish love to eat them . A natural way to keep the snail population under control .
  11. Lizzy23 Member Member

    will a betta eat them?
  12. Bermuda Triangle Initiate Member

    The answer is yes . A Betta will eat them . They will pick and suck them out of the shell .
  13. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

    Could a betta kill a 2" mystery snail?
  14. Bermuda Triangle Initiate Member

    The betta will not eat your 2” mystery snail . In fact they do well together as tank mates .
  15. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

    I'm just trying to figure out how one of my mystery snails magically died. I found it a few days ago and the only things in the tank are other mystery snails and a betta fish
  16. Lizzy23 Member Member

    if it really wants to it probably could
  17. Bermuda Triangle Initiate Member

    Are you sure the snail is dead ? Did you do a sniff test ? If the snail doesn’t smell , it may just be hybernating .
  18. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    The snails will not starve to death so long as their is biofilm on the surface of the plants, glass substrate etc. So long as they don't end up eating a ton they won't lay too many eggs, and the eggs that do get laid and hatch are more likely to starve to death than the adults.

    Some bettas eat them, some don't. I know a few of my bettas don't bother with the tiny snails but will go after the larger snails and rip them right out of their shells. I have rams horn snail shells aaaallll over my 29gal.

    Not sure why everyone suggest clown loaches for snail problems. Yes they love snails but they grow far too large (8in+) and need a school to be happy. Even a 90gal tank would be a squeeze for a group of clown loaches.
  19. Bermuda Triangle Initiate Member

    Demeter , I agree with what you say . My experience with this issue is somewhat different . What worked for me is not necessarily text book . But your advice is good to follow .
  20. Bermuda Triangle Initiate Member

    Demeter, what do you use for calcium supplement ? I have been using API liquid calcium . ( note: Petsmart will match their website online price which is close to 30% off the store price . They will also match CHEWY online price as well ) very cheap that way !