What Kind Of Snail Is This? Should I Keep It? Help

Discussion in 'Fish, Snail, Worm And Pest ID Help' started by Tina881, May 20, 2019.

  1. Tina881 New Member Member

    I just found this snail in my 29Gallon Betta Community tank. he or she is a fast bugger. I don’t mind him but I just don’t want this tank getting of run by snails. Last time I stocked on my 29 gallon is was overrun by snails.

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  2. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Looks like a bladder/pond snail to me. I would not advise keeping it unless you want quite a few more in your tank; they are prolific breeders and only require 1 to lay eggs. You will be overrun, especially if you overfeed at all.

  3. Tina881 New Member Member

    Oh I am def taking him out then! Thank you!
  4. fjh Well Known Member Member

    haha, you're welcome ;) keep an eye out for any more - usually where there's one, theres going to be more hitchhikers. Also check your plants for any egg sacks he might have laid.
  5. Tina881 New Member Member

    Thank you thank you! I found two in there tonight. I tried to remove any eggs from the plants. I will certainly keep an eye out. My yo-yo loaches in my 75 gallon enjoyed the snails very much. Thank you again for your fast reply.
  6. fjh Well Known Member Member

    no problem! If you do see a bunch of baby snails crawling around, it might be worth it to move a loach into that tank for a few weeks.
  7. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    I have one similar but its the size of a nerite snail. I call it my Fairy Snail. I love him/her, its my fav snail!!!
  8. Victoria99 Valued Member Member

    He's so cute! Just keep it and get some loaches to fix that procreation problem