What Kind Of Pleco Is This?

  1. nalathelion19 Member Member

    Can anybody tell me what kind if pleco this is? 7de755d119c28fef658cb49d26493c0a.jpg 282d0280e116660c795c267ea38ad2da.jpg af4f3409cd6ea0685b9e66ba1a7cd164.jpg
  2. MudSkipper Member Member

    Bristlenose! Looks just like mine!

  3. nalathelion19 Member Member

    Do you know how big they get
  4. nalathelion19 Member Member

    I also heard that they need drift wood is that true?

  5. MudSkipper Member Member

    Bristlenose and most plecos need some form of wood in their diet to aid in digestion, they also should be given ample vegetable matter in their diet (unsalted green beans, zucchini, cucumber, spinach, etc) Bristlenose will grow to 4 - 6 inches, but this will take (at least) a year to achieve.
  6. nalathelion19 Member Member

    Okay thank you so much