What kind of Platy do I have?????? Question

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    Hello, I have a platy that is darker red with black spots near his belly and tail. The tail is dark colored but his top fin is dark red? I am trying to name him....would like to name him in realtion to his species? Also any great Platy names?

    I have 3 tetra that also need names and 1 Danio. I have a mickey mouse platy that is a female that is named Minnie. I know I know...sooo orginal!!!

    Thanks for your help!!:;flake:;sman:;flake
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    Not sure on the platy maybe someone will come along with some answers.
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    Sounds like a red wag platy. Does he look like this? Sorry about the poor picture.

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    Hmmm, hard to say without a picture. I love platys, though. Such sweet fish. :)

    Welcome to the forum! :sign0016: Hope someone has a better idea of what kind it is.
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