What Kind Of Light Bulb Would Be Good For Plants In A Jar Question

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Cherrybat, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. Cherrybat

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    Not sure if this is the right section to post in, but it's about growing plants soooo long story short, my next little project is going to be a 2gal planted walstad cookie jar to be later populated with some shrimp.

    I'm looking into all the supplies i will need and i have most of them already available, but i'm not sure what to do about the lighting. My first idea was one of those clamp on leds like this for example, but seems a bit expensive for what it is. So now i'm wondering if i could just get a desk lamp and put a good light bulb in there? I tried looking around google but most discussions are about non-aquatic plants. Wondering if anyone had any success with any particular led (preferably) or any other kinds of bulbs. Or if someone knows of any alternative small tank lights that are good on a budget, would also like to know!
  2. david1978

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    I have seen them use one of those bendy desk lights with a cfl daylight bulb. You would have less then $10 in it.
  3. SFGiantsGuy

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    It also depends of which plants you plan to grow in it...
  4. OP

    CherrybatNew MemberMember

    Yes, cfl bulbs! forgot they existed, we have been using LEDs for ages now. Will look into that definitely!

    And as for plants, nothing high tech, will start with some jungle val, anubias nana, hornwort, whatever other low tech plants i can find for cheap around my area, and i wanted to go looking around some lakes for some native species as an experiment.
  5. SFGiantsGuy

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    Either or. CFL bulbs are practically everywhere now anyway! Good and wise plant choices as well!
  6. Fahn

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