What Kind Of Goldfish Is This?

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    Prono New Member Member

    We took the fish in when my wife's grandmother passed, the fish has been around as long as I have known my wife which is 13 years. The whole family is shocked the fish is still alive as most believe it is at least 25 years old some have placed it closer to 30. I know that is not normal for goldfish so it has us wondering if this is more than a standard goldfish.

    Thank you in advance. Sorry for the not so good pictures, I just finished doing some cleaning of the tank and had just kicked the filter back on.

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    DutchAquarium Well Known Member Member

    Looks like a common goldfish due to the lack of a fork in the tail. And actually, 30 isn't bad for a goldfish. Usually people kill their goldfish before it can die of old age.
  3. Briggs

    Briggs Well Known Member Member

    I think the world record for longest living goldfish was well over 40, so while he's older for a goldfish his age isn't unheard of. Grandma took good care of the pretty little guy.

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