what kind of goldfish are these? Question

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    i bought 2 goldfish online a while ago. one was listed as oranda, one as a veiltail but i am unsure of the types. any help is much appreicated, i'm just very interested to know :)

    GetAttachment (32).jpgGetAttachment (33).jpgGetAttachment (34).jpg

    apologies for the reflections of my nobbly fingers ;)
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    I believe they are both fantails. At least in body shape.

    Does the orange one have a wen on the head...fleshy colored "hat"? Orandas have this wen but also have deeper more round bodies. They look like fantails. The white one looks to be a calico :)

    Very cute :)

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    i know it's not of any significant importance but i like to know as much about my fish as i can!

    he (i call him a he, i've no idea if he actually is!) has a small wen and an almost round head and a very flat.... nose? especially compared to the other two. the small blur at the bottom of a couple of the pictures is my tiny calico fantail. she's about 2cm big and has an even pointier nose? than the other two.

    i am wanting to upgrade this tank in the long run and whilst i've got you can i please ask if these are fancies that can be mixed with ranchus and black moors? i know eye sight varies and you shouldnt keep commons with fancies but is their certain types of fancy that should be kept apart?


    EDIT: having trawled pictures of the different kinds of goldfish, i'm pretty sure Klaus (orange) is an Oranda, Roger (white) is a (possible calico) Fantail and the small one, Frankie is a calico fantail. I think i am just wanting to add a ranchu. they are in a 40G at the moment but i am wanting to upgrade to a 55+ x

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    I agree, looks like fantail

  5. poeticinjustices

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    Possible he is a cross breed. I actually have an oranda/fantail cross looks A LOT like that. A wen, but not the round body of the oranda. Or just doesn't 100% meet form guidelines. Did you buy from a breeder? Was he labelled hobby grade or no? If not, maybe an oranda cull that breeder couldn't actually bear to cull.

    Or their could be some sub-variety of oranda I'm not aware of, I only know the basics.

    I would not recommend mixing the black moors and other visually impaired goldfish with the fancies that are not visually impaired only because of food competition. Also, the bulging eyes require a more cautious setup, in my opinion. No pointy driftwood, very smooth decor, etc. The fish you have are actually the least disabled of the fancy goldfish, the fantail being the fancy least removed from the carp, they are better swimmers that orandas, moors, ranchus, etc. You could mix them fine with orandas and ranchus I just wouldn't go with the moors unless you want to hand feed everyone every single day haha.
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    They were from a website, which is unusual for me to use as i usually use a breeder on ebay but fell in love with these specific two when i was looking into fancies. So I'm not sure on their grade, i could send an email i suppose! He has the face of an otanda with a little wen and the body shape of a fantail which is what has me so confused!! Ill keep trying to get a picture of his face. Thank you for your help... It's your ranchu that got me needing to upgrade. I wanted a lionhead too after seeing your video but i cant get them at a reasonable price... Maybe one day!xx

    EDIT got a slightly better one of him. you can just about make out his little wen :)

    GetAttachment (35).jpg
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  7. poeticinjustices

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    Yep I can see the wen, it's just the body shape throws me off. He really does have the same shape as my Lola (who I'm pretty sure is actually a Lolo haha). If you check out the photos in my albums, you can see him. He's little, mostly white with some calico markings on the tail now and a lemonhead wen. It's a small wen, has not grown at all, and he still maintains the shape more akin to a fantail. At first I just thought he wasn't old enough to have the oranda shape but I can see now he has the body of a fantail. These crosses, they do happen. Or sometimes you just get one with a weird body shape.

    Whatever he is, he's a cutie :)

    I just realized you are not in the US, or I was going to say ECR prices are actually really reasonable. I paid $10 more for Chise than I paid for my pet store lionhead, Motley. But the shipping is the hard part. Just keep looking, you'll find someone to buy from. They are worth the wait, there's something about the fancies that don't have dorsal fins and ranchus just really melt my heart. My lionhead, Motley, is just about one of the sweetest most gentle fish on the planet I think. I feel bad for her because they are "play" spawning in the tank and I'm fairly certain she's the only female, her tail is all ripped up.

    Anyway, you'll find one :) Is there anything like Craigslist you can post an ISO on for people who breed locally? You also might want to check out the forum GoldfishKeepers.com. Riv on this forum and Cynthia from ECR both recommended I check it out, so far I've just been lurking and reading but there's tons of auctions and member buy/sells, ranchus are especially popular. There are tons of them on GFK right now.
  8. OP

    hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    He looks so much like Lola! They have the little Oranda faces and fantail bodies. Its the body shape that has thrown me, along with his very cute but, rather pathetic wen! I was just interested to see if he had a 'proper' name, not that it really matters!

    I wish i lived across the pond, you seem to have so many more breeders, especially compared to where i live. I live in a pretty big city that has rubbish pet shops without fish and a big named store that has a few very bedraggled fish. Although I have just found out about a 'great' fish store ob the other side of the city i will have to investigate.

    The breeder i trust will have some beautiful ranchus in about a month. He doesn't have any lionheads and i cant find any at all on ebay.

    I know what you mean about the lack of dorsal. And the chunky body and flat noses, they are just adorable. And i just confess, your fish have me hooked on them at the moment! Cant wait to see your 75 up and running xx
  9. poeticinjustices

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    Haha well thanks. They are my babies. I've had a lot of fun trying to win over the new guys, since they are not used to people they require some persuading. But their relationships with each other is quite special. You would not believe some of the things I have seen them do for each other, especially the chocolates. I really want the 75g up to but I'm realizing with research that my guys in the 29g just might now be ready for it due to their tiny sizes. What I may end up doing is settling it up with like 50-60gal in it only and grow them out that way. I'm also designing the decor to sort of "raise" the floor of the tank, basically setting plants in tall terracotta bowls and tops. So the bottom 6" of water is only there for waste dilution and they don't have to dive all the way down to do goldfish things.

    The thing with lionheads and ranchus is that they are becoming harder to differentiate. This link will give you an idea of some of the differences...


    However the lionhead is actually being bred to look more like the ranchu to increase sales and many side-view ranchus (ranchus bred for side-viewing, there are also TVRs for top-viewing) are, in fact, lionchus. I'm just starting to look into standard traits for each and, for competition, it gets really intense - eye width, depth of caudal peduncle, tail-split, etc. I've seen a lot of fish that meet the criteria for one in the link above but are labeled for the other.

    I would say check out the fish store because it may be the kind of mom and pop place you want to give your business in general, but hold out for the breeder you trust on the ranchus. They'll be worth it. And probably raised with love and care the way they should be :)
  10. OP

    hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    thanks for the link, it's just what i need! i hadn't even heard of fish being bred for their viewing angles but i guess goldies like in tanks and ponds so i can kind of see where that's coming from.

    i had never seen chocolates until your newbies arrived and boy are they cute. i was quite happy with my 40gal with the three i have until i started looking at yours and now i could fill the house with goldies. they and my betta are the ones that are most social and i feel like i can really interact with them. the goldies really seem to enjoy 'playing' with my little boy too. he likes to put his finger on the tank and they are quite happy to follow, he has a special ball he's allowed to put in their tank (it's an actual fish football, still amazed they exist) and they seem to like playing with that, the 'oranda' Klaus even lets him hand feed him so goldies really are a hit in my house.

    i couldn't quite figure out what you meant with the bowls and raising the floor but i just watched your video and it really makes sense, and as you say you can put less water in. i think i may do this and completely steal your idea because i see more and more goldies i want. i was going to get a 52 gallon and just the ranchu but now i think i may get another 75 and wait to see what i can find, or give the goldies more space. i am even considering finding out minumum tank sizes for my angels and rams (within reason, i don't want them in tanks too small, i'd rather they have extra room) and giving the goldies their 75 gallon. i'll probably end up getting the 55 and going from their with stocking, either just getting the ranchu (they are Jinchu Kai Ranchu if that makes any sense to you! and are only 4cms at the moment) or switching the angels and goldies. decisions, decisions!

    I did a quick search about competition goldies and i cannot believe all the things they look for! i think i thought in a way fish were fish (i don't mean to sound that harsh, it's as simply as i can put it) but when i really think about it, i know each of my fish individually. even the schools of tetras i have, i know each of them by sight.

    i really can't wait to visit this store. the one locally is big brand and although the tanks are always clean and staff helpful, there are only a few badly stocked tanks full of fish that i know shouldn't be in the same tank, let alone with that many in each! it's just not a good, quality fish shop and i generally end up leaving with fish i simply had to buy because i needed to help them. i feel like i walk in and can hear the fishies calling me! you usually have to search for staff who are feeding hamsters and seem a little clueless on the fish side... the only question i get asked is "have you had your filter running for at least three days?" what on earth has that got to do with ANYTHING fish related at all?! i feel like screaming when they ask me! plus when i go to pets at home, i have to walk past the rabbits which also call out to me to bring them home, but i just cannot have another house rabbit!


    the link is to the one on the other side of the city and looks much better, more tanks and its not a pet shop that has fish, it is an aquatic shop and i just feel like it's going to be a nicer place. i shall be visiting on pay day and not before... dangerous!!!
    if you don't mind me asking, what plants have you had success with? or more, how do you keep them planted? mine has quite a few stem plants that are usually floating plants ;) xx
  11. poeticinjustices

    poeticinjusticesWell Known MemberMember

    Yay, a long post! I don't feel so weird haha :) Betcha I can beat you though...I feel it already.

    I'm not completely certain, but I believe Jinchu Kai is a big breeder (maybe competition ranchu) and often breed TVRs. This breeder is probably with the UK chapter. That's about as much as I know.

    I'm glad to hear your excitement and the effect my goldies have had on you :) It's my personal mission to bring back goldfish, I feel like they get a bad rap. Like bettas, they are very social fish. Especially fancies. These are fish bred pretty much solely for human enjoyment with little or no wild instinct. As a result, they just want to be a part of your life. That's what makes them special :) I've seen the fish footballs before haha. ECR has a pic up right now for the soccer cup with a bunch of baby ranchus in a tank with a fish soccer ball haha. It's super cute.

    Also, all of my goldies in the 29g are trained to hand feed. It was super easy to do. Prevents over-feeding, cuts down on missed food and is a fun way to interact with them. Just make sure they feed from your fingers beneath the surface. Mine will poke their little mouths up above the surface to get the food first if I don't hold it a little below haha. For my pet store goldies, it happened naturally, no training required. It worked out such that my worse swimmer is also my best hand feeder, so she never has to compete for food :) The ranchus are not ready for hand feeding and will likely require some training but they are beginning to associate me with nummy treats haha.

    To me, fish are fish. If I love them, they are perfect :) I love them regardless of what traits they have. My venture into purchasing a hobby-grade ranchu was really just about wanting one perfect ranchu at first. I cannot find them anywhere locally. Rex in my 29g is ranchu (the half matte/half metallic chocolate in my album photos) but you can see he does not have the form at all, no tail tuck. I love him to pieces but I really wanted that tail tuck haha. I lurked at ECR Facebook page for a long time before spotting Chise, who is just perfect. The other two ranchus were freebies because they are not hobby-grade in terms of form. All this means is they have some physical flaw that makes them not hobby-grade. Cynthia at ECR refers to them as "pet store grade" I think for lack of a better term but the truth is that they are not. As far as I am concerned, they are still hobby grade because of how they were raised. My chocolates have slightly flared gill plates, it gives them lots of character, but it's what makes them not hobby-grade and she cares so much that she gives them away rather than cull. As far as I am concerned, I have 3 hobby-grade ranchus. They may not meet the form standard but they are healthy and have good genes and were raised in a way that the term "pet-store grade" just doesn't cover. And they are so sweet.

    The reason you don't see many chocolate ranchus is because the color isn't stable. All baby goldfish are sort of chocolate colored, but not as metallic at first. It's more of a muddy, yellow brown. ECR sells baby ranchu kits, you can see the color there, they look really weird as babies haha. They have no wen so their heads are tiny and pointy :p Anyway, chocolate, as far as I know, is typically an intermediary color that often changes depending on diet and water quality and, I've read, sometimes lighting even. It's quite likely my chocolates may change color down the line, I'll be amazed if they don't but I won't mind either way. Rex, as we speak, is losing more off his matte chocolate scales as they become that metallic champagne color every day. I'm a little sad about this as I love his matte/metallic mix haha. Everyone I've ever known with a chocolate has had them eventually change color. But honestly I'm not sure these guys will - their color is so strong and vibrant it's hard to imagine them changing. But I'm excited to find out :)

    Anyway my point was that the breeder purchased ranchus started out as me just wanting one perfect little ranchu but the experience has meant more to me than that now. They're different. It's not hard to see how spoiled they are haha and it really dawned on me that this is the only way goldfish should ever be sold. And the price wasn't bad either, i paid almost as much for Motley and my betta, V, as I did for Chise (not including shipping or factoring in the free chocolates haha). I am like you, I have a hard time in pet stores seeing the conditions the fish are in, esp goldies and bettas. I have left stores in tears over it before and given myself anxiety attacks over it, the Petco by me is REALLY horrific. My LFSs and LPSs know very well that I will point out sick fish or dead fish in their tanks. I'm always polite about it, but I can't just walk away without saying something. I think about what I saw last time I went to that Petco and I start feeling it all over again.

    Competition goldies are extraordinary. Their features are often so exaggerated that I feel badly for them. The ranchus I have now feel just right and, as such, they don't appear to be handicapped in how they swim or anything, they're strong fish. My only fear is that i got it in my head that, having been so well cared for, they probably have very little immunity. But I have no science for that, it was just a crazy thought that derailed me.

    ANYWAY haha. Let's talk about plants. I personally think the whole goldies eating all of your plants thing is a bit over-rated. I serve my goldies adequately portioned, varied diets boosted with VitaChem and Garlic Guard. I fast once a week but I do not underfeed them and I feed many different things for them. They do not often go after my plants. They do on occasion, however, and I find that they choose the soft-leaved plants. Firm, broad-leaved plants like swords and anubias do really well. They peck on occasion but do not care to decimate them unless the leaves are already dying and therefore softening and the firm leaves stand up well to the peckig. Still, I keep water sprite in all my goldie tanks because it is a killer nitrate eater (I haven't done a WC in 6 days in the 29g and my nitrates are 5ppm right now) but it's also a soft plant. They destroyed my two smaller water sprites but I purchased an enormous one about a week ago (and my nitrates have been falling ever since as the plant grows like a weed, even under LED kit lights, nothing special). I recommend water sprite in any goldfish tank. The trick is simple - also provide anacharis. They love this stuff and, if it's available, pretty much always choose it over anything else. It's also fast-growing and can be floated or planted. I choose to plant it because it looks better that way but it works either way. About once a day, they "prune" it back for me haha and I do have to re-plant it but I really don't mind.

    So, for now, in my 29g I have two swords, anubias nana, unidentified anubias, water sprite and anacharis (lots of it). They occasionally peck at the water sprite but 99.9% of the time it's all about anacharis. The 20 long QT only has water sprite and anacharis. I once had a hygrophila corymbosa kompakt that I loved but they ripped off the leaves (just to be mean, they didn't even eat them haha) until the thing looked like a tumbleweed. I think water wisteria is a pretty good nitrate eater too, I float that in my betta tank, he loves it. I'm a little limited on plants right now due to poor lighting in the 29g and no lighting the glass-top 20 long but I bought a nice T5 6700k for the 75g and that will grow most plants well enough. For now, the plants I have in the 29g are actually doing surprisingly well. The sword has even adapted to the poorer lighting by growing out leaves that are extremely long and broad. Right now, it's less stem and more leaf haha.

    I'm so excited for you and really happy to see someone on here who "gets it" with goldfish! Both Rivieraneo and HappyKnitter are two really experienced goldie keepers on here. On the recommendation of Riv and Cynthia from ECR, I've also joined GoldfishKeepers.com (using the same name because I get overwhelmed and don't like too many online memberships). There are some really experienced goldie keepers on there, Cynthia said that's where all of her mentors are, and you might find a lot of what they have to say interesting. So far I've just lurked, not posted, but I plan to make an introduction. I am way out of my league in terms of goldie knowledge on that site and am looking forward to learning more.
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    I am one to ramble on i'm afraid. As i type things keep popping into my head!

    I hadn't looked up what Jinchu Kai actually meant and I've just had a brief look and it looks like I'll be doing lots of reading tonight :)

    I had goldfish as a kid, kept in a tank that actually had a filter, but other than being turned on we did little else with it and i'm pretty sure I used washing up liquid to clean the gravel on occasions (the thought horrifies me now!). Then I got my own goldfish tank as a teen and read up on it a bit more and, until my mum decided they would be better off at the pond in the local golf course whilst I was away, they did very well. Obviously I replaced said goldfish and the fascination continued. I have always had Goldfish amongst my fish and it has to be said that they have always been the somewhat forgotten ones. I looked after them properly but they weren't my favourite tank necessarily, probably because they were always there so when I moved out I could get tropical fish ("oooh"). I returned of all my fish when it turned out being pregnant wasn't so pretty and the only water i got chance to look at was that in the toilet (Too much information, sorry!). I recently got back into the hobby and wanted some big colourful fish for Bobbie to look at above his toy boxes whilst he was playing and Lo and Behold, my love affair reappeared. Spending the day playing with my toddler means spending the day playing with the goldies. We both find them fascinating... the way they wriggle, like no other fish still cracks me up on occasions! They are each hand fed by Bob for breakfast and tea, and it's his favourite part of the day!

    Had to see what ECR was and boy, are those fish stunning! You are one lucky lady. They all look so healthy and lovely. I will be looking out for chocolate ones, it's nice to have a bit of variety :) I hope mine are even half as happy as yours look. As long as they are happy and healthy I will be chuffed!

    I know exactly what you mean about the panic attacks after visits to pet shops. I've had to stop going in and buying online most of the time, but then I have to go in for more urgent supplies (when I say urgent I usually mean I have less than two bottles left :) ). I chose to get my betta from there for that reason, of course he wasn't the only fish I left with that day but I had done my good deed, and he just looks better every day. It was only tear damage and maybe some nips but I love to watch him change and develop, he's also hand fed.

    They don't seem to eat many of the plants they just dig them up a lot. I tried using those ceramic rings and sponge but they still manage to wrestle them out. To be honest I don't really mind if it's keeping them entertained but I'd like to not have to replant the entire tank daily, although I'm not sure what I'd do with myself if I didn't have that to do! I have anubias and swords in my other tanks and hadn't even thought of trying them in my goldie tank. I think I'll try putting a potted sword in and seeing how it does, they're thriving in one of my tanks in particular so it won't be of significant loss if they don't do well with the goldies. I think I'll increase the elodea if it's that good at eating the nitrates and I do like the sort of wild, bushy look it has compared to other plants... very good for hiding filters! I only have LED kit lights on my goldie tank too so I don't anticipate too many problems as it sounds a little similar to yours but, fish will be fish!

    I don't know if it's actually a good thing come to think of it (here we go, I shall be spending the rest of the night staring at my tank in a state of worry!) but Klaus the Oranda sort of rests on top of the caves in the tank so I think he'll appreciate large broad leafs to chill out on. Okay, I admit it, now I'm worried he's not chilling out he's actually struggling to swim... racing mind.... anyway, I'll finish my post before I go and glare at the tank!

    I'll be sure to check out the goldie website, I feel a have very little goldie knowledge compared to my tropical knowledge and that is, at best, sketchy ;) it's just another exciting adventure into the world of fish....!xx
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    Lol okay, you have me beat. I noticed your reply as we were sitting in traffic leaving the fireworks show to go celebrate our independence (from you!) with some libations. Too many libations haha.

    I have to ask - do you guys marvel over the American accent and colloquialisms like we do over yours? "Chuffed" and "rubbish" and all of the other vernaculars just make me tickled. Do you guys make touring Americans say things so you can marvel over the weird American accent? Or is that just us haha? Personally, I think the American accent isn't much to sneeze at but that may just be perspective.

    I do have to replant my anacharis daily, but only that. They rest they don't usually dig up but honestly I have too much gravel in there so that might be part of it. My water sprite is HUGE and was really hard to plant. What I did was take those flat rock chunks that I used to use as shrimp caves (RIP, BAD idea) and set them around the base. Bigger rocks around the base will keep them from shifting the gravel that's holding the plants down. The anacharis they always dig up, it's just something I've learned to live with haha.

    By the way, Elodea/anacharis is a fast growing plant so it does consume a lot of nutrients but the one that made the real difference for me was the water sprite. Put enough in there, it'll actively bring down your nitrates between water changes. Mine were 5ppm after 6 days with no WC. I don't usually wait that long I've just been busy with school stuff and the other tanks. They got a nice big one today and are happy little fish.

    Fancy goldfish are not adept swimmers. They like less current and are very clumsy. But they are usually active, at least sort of lazily swimming. Fantails are actually the more active of the fancies. If Klaus is resting a lot, you may want to check that the current isn't too strong. I would be worried if he's just sitting on the bottom of the tank though but if he's sitting on a cave, he may just have found a spot he likes haha. They have typical behaviors, yes, but they've also got their own personalities. If something is wrong, you'll notice a lot more than just chilling on a cave. It's so easy to go down the rabbit hole of things that might be wrong with your fish, believe me that's me 100%, but it is true that you'll see more than one inconclusive behavior if something is really wrong. Just check over the environment. Fancies tend to stay where the current is less strong so if he's localizing to one area of our tank, it may be as simple as baffling your filter :)
  14. OP

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    I wish we had a day like Independence day. We don't really celebrate our history in any way really, we tend to celebrate St. Patricks day more than St. George's day too. It would be nice for the country to come together and celebrate our heritage. It's something you American's are very good at :) Therefor I am pleased I decided to give you Independence ;)

    You will often find me and my sister impersonating Buddy from Cake Boss and Honey Boo Boo. I find all accents lovely to listen to. I don't think you hear your own accent to appreciate it! I hadn't realized "Rubbish" wasn't a word everyone used, to be honest! I'm from Sheffield in Yorkshire and we don't say "go to the shop" we say "G tut shop" so anyone who pronounces the word "the" makes me giggle :) The one that really gets me is you call trousers, pants... pants are underwear, silly! Always cracks me up, much in the same way Australians calling Flip Flops "Thongs" will do, for the rest of my life. I have a rather immature sense of humour apparently!

    I hadn't thought of covering the gravel by the roots to avoid them digging up too much. I have lots of elodea and cabomba in there but they're both very bushy and something a bit different in there would look lovely so I'll definitely give this a try! I don't mind them digging stuff up if that's what makes them happy, it's just a pain in the arse! haha.

    I haven't actually had water sprite before so I think I'll get some and see if my nitrates will reduce, not that they are too high but lower nitrates can never be a bad thing.

    I will be keeping an eye on Klaus' behaviour (and the others too) as it has made me wonder just how 'normal' the behaviour is. I noticed him laying on the floor of the tank today, he doesn't rest for long, maybe about 5 minutes before going off in search of a plant to dig up or a snail to chase! But I also notice the others have never rested (that I have witnessed) so I will be looking into any potential problems. I like to have a supply of meds and things in for those just in case moments! But other than the fact he likes to chill out every now again, his behaviour is in perfect keeping with the other two, one who is twice his size, one who is half his size (or there abouts!). Maybe he's just plain lazy! The current in the goldie tank is almost non existent, which i have worried about before but if it's better for their fins, i shall worry less. I guess its similar to the way we baffle betta filters because they have long flowing fins too!

    Once again, thank you for your advice. Don't change the way you give it! Enjoy your day.x
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    Thunder_o_bFishlore VIPMember

    America, and Great Britain are two peoples separated by a common language.

    General George S. Patton. :)
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    I have found a bargain 320L (about 85 US gallons) on ebay.. £20 including everything I could need. Of course I will probably replace a lot of the things but £20 for an 85 gallon by itself is pretty spectacular!

    I will be able to rehome my current Goldies and begin my adventure with Ranchus :) I am thinking of starting with 2 Ranchus and keeping my three and seeing where to go from there. I shall be visiting a new fish store on friday with my new goldie tank in mind and I just cannot wait to get in there. They have a huge pond department, which many other LFS are lacking so I can't wait to see what they have to offer. I fear this shall be a pretty dangerous trip for my purse, but I don't really care as it's potentially my last tank. At least, until I can convince my other half that 11 tanks is simply not enough, he already thinks this upgrade means we will be getting rid of a tank instead of gaining one... I shall break the news to him gently that I am planning on a slight reshuffle to give my betta a 10G instead of his measly 3G and maybe turning the 3G into a little shrimp tank. possibly just using it for my newborn fry.

    So excited!!!x
  17. poeticinjustices

    poeticinjusticesWell Known MemberMember

    I'm really excited for you :) And looking forward to seeing your new ranchus! You'll love them.

    Is it weird I'm already jealous of you haha? I don't even have my 75g up yet and I already want a bigger tank for, yep, more ranchus.
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    hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    My teeny tiny "Calico Fantail" appears to be a Ryukin more and more every day. (She) is only about 1" at the moment so I am just waiting it out but she seems to have a face and then a steep angle and curved spine like the Ryukins whereas Fantails have an almost even straight line from their head to their body. (She) is also much fatter in a round sort of way to the Roger the White Fantail, I thought (She) could be bloated so I brought their fast a day early, watched her poop... a lot... and fed (her) some pea and she still looks like a little golf ball. (Not again... Now I've seen it in writing I am starting to wonder. I shall NOT worry but, now the thought is there...! And after thinking Klaus was too floaty, I had convinced myself he was on his last legs but he's absolutely fine. I will NOT worry, I will NOT worry....!)

    Anyway, I can't get my words to sound right there. What I mean is (She) looks totally different from Roger who is definitely a Fantail but as she is so small she could be either. I'm kinda beginning to like not knowing what they are and seeing what they become, if you know what I mean?

    I have been exchanging emails with the Ranchu breeder (they are 6 months old) and he has said he will ship them this week! He asked LOTS of questions which, I was more than happy to answer! I like the feeling I get when I feel like the person I am buying fish from cares as much as I do about their welfare. He has said that he is only shipping them now because I have a 25G QT to move them straight into, before moving them into their 85 with the oldie goldies and as he has shipped to me before and "knows my experience" if I feel I am ready, they are coming. I was so excited and jumped at the chance... Now I am questioning said experience! Bring on the constant worry for the nest two months!

    I keep reminding myself that although my specific Goldie knowledge is relatively small, I have an understanding of aquariums. I am also returning to work this week, luckily not for many hours as I have been off for so long so I feel now is a good time to get them before I am back to working all my hours (which is not that much anyway!) so at least I can be around to watch over my new water babies.

    This post is purely to get all my excitement out! I'm sorry it's babbled but I can't help it!x
  19. poeticinjustices

    poeticinjusticesWell Known MemberMember

    Lol you're fine, have you SEEN my posts haha?

    I'm beginning to think it's not uncommon for petstore fish to be mutts in general. Considering that selective breeding for these traits is how fancy goldfish varieties came about, it's also not unsurprising to me to think that a trait for one would occasionally pop up on another. I wrote this on another post of yours as well, but I did read that sometimes ryus are sold as fantails when the hump is not ideal. The way I see it, they're going to be what they will be provided you give them clean water and keep them well-fed.

    Sounds like a really great, caring breeder :) I know I felt the same way about ECR when I got my ranchus. Looking forward to meeting them :)
  20. OP

    hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    Welcome home :)

    Fizz the Ryukin/Fantail was a rescue after she cycled a tank and was destined for the toilet bowl and she's clearly a baby, I couldn't let that happen (whatever she was, I'd have found space!) and is definitely from the LFS and the others are two from the internet but not a breeder so I reckon they're all Fantails with a bit of something, though I'm sure Jake is a Fantail. I know it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things and they're all getting along just fine but it's nice to know what they are, I don't know why but I'm finding learning about them so exciting because I am unsure of their breed.

    They definitely aren'd fancy, purebred, show goldies. But, they're gorgeous all the same and look so tiny in this huge tank now. If you think your LFS one's look small now, just wait until they're in there. I keep having to look for them which, is unusual as there isn't too many places to hide! And they're not hiding, just exploring.

    Riv brought up something about sand. I was planning on barebottom and slowly getting glass pebbles in there (£5 for 100 will take about £100-£150 to fill!) but the frame of the tank is 2" deep and whenever they were scavenging you just couldn't see them below the lip so I added 1" of play sand. I am concerned about the sand impacting them and I'm not so keen on the sand in this tank (there's so much and it's really bright) so I think I may add some river rocks over the sand but I am not so worried that I am planning this as an immediate course of action because they have had sand for months.

    It's a shame he doesn't breed more goldfish but it's just not what he specialises in so people tend to go elsewhere for them. He is a star, as I have ordered many fish from him he is sending me a free school of dwarf cories (not for the goldie tank) which is something else I have always been after. Waiting for Tuesday is worse than waiting for Christmas as a child. You can bet their pictures will be on here before they even get into QT, although I will try and keep my excitement in check!x

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