What kind of frog is this?

  1. PetLover418 Well Known Member Member

    [​IMG] side view

    [​IMG] front/ belly view

    What kind of frog/toad is this? Found it in my front yard. Don't plan on keeping it
  2. slayer5590 Well Known Member Member

    It's a tree frog. Can't tell which species from your pics though.
  3. PetLover418 Well Known Member Member

    ok. on google, it said green tree frog. we released him a minute ago onto one of our trees. So long, Ripple/Fellow/Philip Seymour.
  4. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    I had one of those living in my basement for several years. Kept the bugs under control in the fishroom. It's actually the Eastern Gray Tree Frog, which can vary in color from gray to brown to a very bright green. The one living in my house was a bright green color most of the time, but sometimes went to brown.

    Green Tree Frogs don't occur in Minnesota, the closest point of their range is Southern Illinois. It has a light stripe down the side, very distinct marking compared to other species.
  5. PetLover418 Well Known Member Member

    Cool. So this little frog will keep the bugs at bay :) might keep one in my room for bug control ;)