What kind of fish?

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    I've had this fish for a few years now, it was sold to me with a couple of bala sharks when it was a baby. Clearly it's not a bala or even a tetra, it seems to be more of a pleco/ in the catfish family. It only seems to eat algae chips and pick through the rocks, he also seems to breathe/filter feed. But he doesn't suction feed like most plecos. He will randomly eat when I feed the other fish in the tank, but mostly he's just chasing them around. Def will eat live bait and small fish as well. He's just shy of a foot in length now too.. I think he's maxed out as he hasn't grown in quite some time now.

    Any ideas on what this is?
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    Hello, I've moved your thread to the Fish ID help section of the forum. Welcome!
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    That's a Black Shark. You don't see them much these days because they grow very big (2ft+) and usually get vicious as they mature, killing everything in any tank they're put into.

    If its not killing things you're very lucky, but it does really need a huge tank.

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    sweet, thank you!!! Yeah, if it's little it's dead, so the only small things I put in there are feeders. It seems to leave all the other medium sized fish alone :) It's just with a couple cichlids right now.