What Kind Of Fish Is This?

  1. Dakrisht

    Dakrisht Valued Member Member

    gold dust Molly maybe?

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  2. GoldFiska

    GoldFiska Well Known Member Member

    Based on the pink coloring on its belly...Looks like a gold balloon ram to me.
  3. nurseemily

    nurseemily Valued Member Member

    it's CUTE as heck whatever it is!
  4. MattS99

    MattS99 Well Known Member Member

    Definitely not a molly. I'd like to see more than just the front half, but from what I can see I'd say it's a gold balloon ram.
  5. Zerologist

    Zerologist Well Known Member Member

    It's very cute!!! And I agree to those above, it's a gold balloon ram...