What kind of fish get along with gouramis? Question

  1. Jackie Frost Member Member

    I have a puffer that I'm going to take back to the store tommorow. (Certianly no later then Monday.) I don't want to make any more mistakes so what kind of fish would get along with an albino (perhaps pearl) gourami and a golden gourami. (Right now the albino will occasionally nip the puffer if you can imagine that!) I want a happy community of fish.
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    just your 2 gouramis in the 15g is going to be some major wars :( IMO ...why not just one gourami, 4-5 neons?
  3. Jackie Frost Member Member

    I think you're right Shawnie, because right now my 'white' gourami has cornered both the golden gourami and the puffer into a toy castle. She refuses to let them come out too. And she's the smallest of all of them! Arrrgh! :;fru Boy did I mess up with my fish chocies!
  4. crazedACD Member Member

    The smaller the tank, the more aggression issues you are going to run into. Have you managed to take a picture of the white gourami yet? I'm interested in seeing what this may be...

    I have a suggestion for ya...how about picking up like a 29g+ kit (if you have the money), moving the gouramis there, and keeping the 15g as a puffer setup? :p If you have a dwarf you could probably get a few more. Sounds like a win/win situation there!
  5. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    A puffer? Gouramis?? What have I been missing? Wow, a girl skips a few hours on the forum...

    Jackie, can you update your tank info?
  6. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    I personally think a 15G is too small to keep any gourami (excluding dwarf gouramis) with other fish in a 15G.
    Howeve in my 72G I have 2 pearl gouramis and an opaline gourami and they get one fine with my barbs, so maybe barbs would work?
  7. Jackie Frost Member Member

    Actually I did take a pic, but the flash startled all of the fish so badly they went into hiding for 5 minutes. So I decided to give em a day to get used to their surroundings. The picture turned out terribly blurry too.

    Yeah, I'd still like to keep the puffer. But I learned on this very site that puffers are extremely intollerant to amonia ...and I'm cycling with Tetra safe start right now. I don't want the little guy to suffer.

    Yesterday I did make an offer to a friend to buy his old 75 gallon tank. (He used his for snakes though) for 30 bucks. He hasn't responded yet so I may sweeten the deal, by offering to watch his son for free on the day of his choice. (I run a daycare.) Maybe that'll persuade him. ^-^
  8. Neji Member Member

    Agreed. I never knew puffer fishes can stay with gouramis. Puffers are highly aggressive. Gouramis are just moderately aggressive, but then again... small tank and 3 fishes. Gouramis like having a lot of space. Instead of a 15 gallon tank. It's too small. Gouramis can stay in a 29 gallon tank which I think is the lowest you can go. The only time you should keep a gourami in a 15g tank is when he or she is sick and needs to be treated in a separate tank.
  9. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Neji, Jackie took back all those fish and is now setting up a community tank. She basically started over when she realized that the fish she bought weren't going to work out.

    She now has 3 platies and 3 apple snails in, with some Tetra Safe STart to cycle the tank. :)
  10. Jackie Frost Member Member

    Yeah, I need to update my aquarium info. Sorry about the confusion.
  11. Neji Member Member

    That's alright :) Some people are so busy they never have any time to update the aquarium info :) I am so busy all the time I haven't updated my info until last week :S