What Kind Of Fish Do I Have? Question

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  1. Kly185New MemberMember

    Hello fellow fish lovers! I am wondering what breed fish do I have and if it is a male or female?

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  2. DonthemonWell Known MemberMember

    It’s a flower horn!!!! Where did you get it? They are not cheap.
  3. Momgoose56Well Known MemberMember

    You have a flowerhorn that old and you don't know what it is?
  4. Kly185New MemberMember

    It was a gift from a family friend! Would you happen to know it's gender?

    NOPE. It was just gifted to me recently! I wasn't sure if it was a flowerhorn or not.
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  5. Momgoose56Well Known MemberMember

    Only two ways to be sure of gender: If its female it will lay eggs about once a month. The other way to know for sure is by examining the vent and anus. Females have a "U" shaped vent that is as large or larger than their anus.
    A males vent is almost always smaller than their anus.
  6. Alan0823Valued MemberMember

    Hi, upon this question where can you look for the vent I see a hole underneath the fish but only one? What else to look for and where to tell if it's make or female?
  7. Momgoose56Well Known MemberMember

    There are two holes. If you can only see one, the other vent is tiny so your fish is a male. The vent on a female very visible.