What Kind Of Discus?

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  1. Bradley Moles

    Bradley Moles Valued Member Member

    What kind of discus is on the left? I believe the others are a pigeon blood and a yellow molboro

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  2. MikeRad89

    MikeRad89 Well Known Member Member

    Blue Turquoise.
  3. fa4960

    fa4960 Valued Member Member

    I have a few like that one and they were sold to me as Cobalt Blue - not sure that all of my 6 are though as I find them to have too much brown in them?

    Here is a picture of one of the better looking ones:
  4. OP
    Bradley Moles

    Bradley Moles Valued Member Member

    I have what i believe is a juvenile cobalt blue also. They’re more of a solid color, but I think Mike was right, it’s probably a blue torquoise
  5. fa4960

    fa4960 Valued Member Member

    I tend to agree also. I have actually called mine blue turquoise for a while now and had to look up what I bought them as being....

    Buying juveniles, both the most interesting and the most frustrating is to see what they turn out as when getting closer to full size.
  6. AquaticJ

    AquaticJ Fishlore VIP Member

    Its a Blue Turquoise as Mike said.
  7. RainBetta

    RainBetta Well Known Member Member

    Yeah I agree it's a blue cobalt

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