What Kind Of Catfish Do I Have?

Discussion in 'Catfish' started by bobo16, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. bobo16

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    Hello guys,

    I recently purchased a 20 gallon tank for my crowntail Betta and the seller unexpectedly threw in her Catfish along with the tank (not literally). Though I had originally planned to move my Betta from his 10 gallon tank into the new 20 gallon one (and give away the unplanned for Catfish), I have now decided to keep him and he will go into his original tank (which unfortunately had to be emptied and will now have to be cycled again, though I do have the filter and original media). He is currently waiting in a 1 gallon bowl while I set up his tank. However, I have no idea what kind of Catfish I have! I have looked around on the web and haven't had much success so I thought that maybe someone here would be able to recognize what type of Catfish he is. I have included some pictures below.

    I have noticed that he likes to burrow himself into the gravel through out the day and when he is afraid or nervous, so I will be getting him sand to replace the gravel as soon as I can. He has also spent the past few hours sucking at the glass, especially at the top. I understand he is looking for algae and I'm worried that there won't be enough algae for him in the newly set-up tank. Is there actually a way to grow algae inside, or outside the tank even? I have been giving him API Bottom Feeder Sinking Shrimp Pellets and API Algae Eater Wafers. What else can I feed him so he won't be hungry? What would a balanced diet for a Catfish include?

    Also is it possible to tell the sex of a Catfish? If it is, is my Catfish actually a she not a he?

    One last question, will this type of Catfish get along with my male Betta if I put them together into the 20 gallon fish tank? I have read that some Catfish do not get along with Bettas and will even eat them! But I have had 2 Otocinclus Catfish as tank mates with my previous male Betta and it wasn't a problem at all.

    Thank you everyone in advance

  2. Sacha

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    No idea what Kind of catfish that is, but you can cycle your tank faster by running the uncycled filter in the cycled tank for a week or two. :)
  3. Bettanewb

    BettanewbWell Known MemberMember

    I beleive what you have there is a pleco not a catfish I'm just not sure what type.

    Wait for more responses though.
  4. Sacha

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    Plecos are also Catfish (Siluriformes) :p
  5. Zahc

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    It kind of looks like a yoyo loach, it's very stressed so its hard to tell.
  6. Coradee

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    Welcome to Fishlore :)
    Your catfish looks like a loach to me, possibly Botia almorhae, hopefully someone can give a second opinion.
    If it is then no it wouldn't be a suitable tankmates for your Betta, they're an active social fish & need to be in groups & would need a larger tank than 20 gallons.
  7. OP

    bobo16New MemberMember

    The filter has been cycled though I think. When I purchased the tank, the catfish had been living there for at least a year. The water was emptied, but I have the original filter and the media inside of it with all the bacteria on it. It has some water in there that's keeping the sponge moist until I finish setting up the fish tank.
    Maybe I'm mistaken. I thought that the 20 gallon tank would still have to go though some kind of nitrogen cycle since it has been completely emptied, even though I still have the original filter media.
  8. TwoHedWlf

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    Definitely a yoyo loach, it's even got its name written on it.
  9. OP

    bobo16New MemberMember

    Yes thank you both. I just googled it.

    Why would you say he is very stressed, apart from the obvious? (removed from his tank, transported, placed in small bowl, etc.) What are the signs of a stressed yoyo loach? Is that why his colors seem so faded?
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  10. 2211Nighthawk

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    Definantly a loach. I have loaches, a different kind, and hey are hilarious fish. But they like groups. Not sure what size tank a yoyo (is that's what it is) needs but I wouldn't put him with a betta. If he starts doing the rocket impressions that my one does (straight up,gulp of air, flip over and get everything wet, then straight back down) I think it would freak out a betta.
  11. Culprit

    CulpritFishlore VIPMember

    Pretty sure its a yoyo loach. definitely not a pleco
  12. Zahc

    ZahcWell Known MemberMember

    Yes, in the pics he is he is very dull, lost majority of his pattern and looks like he is gasping for oxygen aswell.

    Sorry if it came across rude, I stated it purely for the fact that when stressed it's much harder to identify a species. Posting a photo once acclimated and showing its colour/patter makes it easier.