What Kind If Fish Am I?!

Discussion in 'Red Devil Cichlid' started by schmalzy_x0, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. schmalzy_x0Valued MemberMember

    Ok so my husband came home with this fish a few weeks ago. It's been in qt and we finally put it in the tank. It was sold to him as a Red devil. But I have never seen a Red devil with stripes like this??!! Is that truly what it is or is it something different?! Thanks everyone!
    Obviously the title is supposed to be what kind of fish am I? Don't know why it changed to if haha and can't seem to fix it.

  2. SixThreeOhWell Known MemberMember

    Red terror, maybe?
  3. CoptapiaWell Known MemberMember

    It’s either a Red Devil or a ‘Midevil’ (which most of them are). Stripes are very common in juveniles, which ‘peel’ (completely change colour) as they mature.
    There’s a very small chance it could be one of the other Amphilophus spp. Amarillo, chancho, sagittae and ziloaensis keep their stripes as adults. But they’re not nearly as common and therefore more expensive so it presumably wouldn’t have been sold as a Red Devil.
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  4. schmalzy_x0Valued MemberMember

    Ok sounds good. What size do they start peeling? This one is about 3 inches right now.

    I kinda like the stripes actually lol! I'm not a huge fan of a Red devil when they are older (no offense to anyone who has one).. my husband likes them so that's why he got it. But I think it would be cool if it stayed striped like this lol! It was in a separate tank than the other smaller red devils and he did pay more for it but I'm thinking that's just because it was bigger. Thanks for your help! Seems like you are always on the ball with all my questions! I appreciate it!
  5. CoptapiaWell Known MemberMember

    About 4”? Somewhere around there, not long...
  6. schmalzy_x0Valued MemberMember

    Ok cool. Thanks!
  7. schmalzy_x0Valued MemberMember

  8. schmalzy_x0Valued MemberMember

    Is this the start of the "peeling"? 20190415_225728.jpg
  9. SuperD14Valued MemberMember

    Wow that didn’t take long!!!
  10. CoptapiaWell Known MemberMember

  11. schmalzy_x0Valued MemberMember

    Ok I thought so! Thank you!!
  12. schmalzy_x0Valued MemberMember

    It was very quick!! It is about 4 inches now. Can't wait to see what it looks like what it is fully peeled! :)
  13. ForceTenValued MemberMember

    Looks like a fish that might need his or her own tank?
  14. BettafishgalValued MemberMember

    So pretty o-o
  15. schmalzy_x0Valued MemberMember

    Well I have seen them with other cichlids before but if he or she does get crazy then yes I will get it it's own tank

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  16. BettafishgalValued MemberMember

    No problem at all, good luck with your new little fishy <33
  17. schmalzy_x0Valued MemberMember

    Almost finished peeling! Soo excited!
  18. schmalzy_x0Valued MemberMember

    This is what he or she looks like now! Fully peeled. :)