What Is Your Best __________?

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  1. ZerologistWell Known MemberMember

    Hi guys its me again. I have questions for you guys... (You can skip some of the questions)

    1. What is the best fish you have or had? and in what size of aquarium it is in?

    2. Your best aquarium plant?

    3. Your best aquarium lighting?

    4. Your best aquarium equipment?

    5. Your best aquarium decoration?

    6. How many aquariums do you have and what are their sizes?

    Happy answering! :emoji_grinning: And if you want, please add some pictures of them...
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  2. BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    1) Goldfish, they are in a 200 gallon pond and will soon be moving to our new 1600 gallon pond.

    2) Java fern and salvinia

    3) stuff that came with the tank, I've never bought lighting separately but I'm going to for my new 5 gallon.

    4) Eheim mini flat filter and Betta mini internal filter 300

    5) live plants and azalea root driftwood

    6) 5 gallon betta and shrimp tank, 10 gallon coldwater quarantine (doesn't have a heater), 20 gallon pond fish quarantine, 63 gallon community, 200 gallon pond, 1600 gallon pond.
  3. grantm91Fishlore VIPMember

    1) i hate choosing but i love my parrot cichlids i have 3, 2 in one of my 200litre tanks and one in the other. IMG_1559.JPGIMG_1571.JPGIMG_1488.JPG

    2) i have to say anarcis if thats how you spell it because it just grows and grows and i made a sort of forrest for my parrots to chase each other through IMG_1575.JPG

    3) and dont even get me started on lighting, what a load of s these units are from the t8 unit with the bad starter whats probably going to fail soon to my t5 unit which i have already had to replace, wish i had a good set of leds.

    4)equipment, well i have some great stuff but today im going to show 2, first up is my 600lph hob all pond solutions filter running on my 60 litre sw tank for mechanical filtration. This thing was £14 off amazon and runs silent, perfect with a good flow and polish my water soo good [​IMG]

    And my refractometer which i paid £17 for and os just as good as another if your getting in to sw get one of these off amazon IMG_1533.JPG

    5) for my best decoration it has to be terracotta pots, you cant ask for anything better just buy the size you need get your angle grinder out and boom perfect hide for next to nothing and they mature so nice in the water IMG_1578.JPG

    6)aquariums, i have 2 200litre fw tanks one is a corner one soon to be upgraded to the 350 version

    No2 is a fluval roma 200 looking to get a 1000 litre one day.

    No3 is my sw 60 litre cube style tank.
  4. ZerologistWell Known MemberMember

    Wow yeah I like your no.3 tank very much!!!
  5. grantm91Fishlore VIPMember

    Thanks mate its my first sw
  6. ZerologistWell Known MemberMember

    Wait a minute... You have clown fishes? Wow.
  7. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    1. What is the best fish you have or had? and in what size of aquarium it is in?
    Super hard question as I have a ton of fish. I'll narrow it down to 2. My male rock Kribensis who is a Victorian African cichlid. The first and only rock krib I've ever seen and had to buy him, he's in a 55 with other Africans. The other favorite is my male double tail plakat betta. He's in a planted 20gal with snails and a little pleco.

    When I got the betta and rock krib

    After color change and maturing:

    2. Your best aquarium plant?
    Crypt wendtii as it is my most successful at the moment. Rotala (on the left) might become my new favorite though, it's still new to me but growing well.

    3. Your best aquarium lighting?
    All my lighting is , why does it have to be so expensive? I suppose the 15 watt florescent tube light on my planted 10gal.

    4. Your best aquarium equipment?
    I love my marineland canister filter on my 55 African tank, it does great and there's hardly any poo on top of the sand. Also the Cobalt heaters are pretty good quality and look nice and sturdy.

    5. Your best aquarium decoration?
    That's easily driftwood. The plastic/resin ornaments are hard to get anubias to attach too and the paint often comes off, especially with a pleco constantly chew on it. I've got 5 pieces split among 3 tanks ATM.

    6. How many aquariums do you have and what are their sizes?
    I have 7 aquariums, 3 tens, two twenties, a 29, and a 55. One ten, the 29 and the 55 are for Africans and their fry. One 20 and 2 tens are for bettas, snails, loaches and plants, and the other 20 is currently only for corydoras but will soon be turned into another grow out tank for Africans.
  8. ZerologistWell Known MemberMember

    Super impressive!!! Thanks for answering @Demeter !

    So basically, you are focusing on African Cichlids... Interesting...
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  9. fisshWell Known MemberMember

    1, African cichlids. I only have 1 tank of them, it's a 360 gallon.
    2, my favorite plant in red lilies.
    3. I use Fluval 2.0 led on all my tanks
    4. FX 6 and Sun Sun 304B canisters
    5. rocks and driftwood
    6. I have 49 running, 360, 125 tall, 2 -100's, 90, 75, 55, 10-40's 2-39 tall's, 35 hex, 10-20 show, 18-10's, 5.

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  10. ZerologistWell Known MemberMember


    There are so many African Cichlids!!! :emoji_open_mouth:
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  11. oOBlueOoWell Known MemberMember

    See above
  12. Thunder_o_bFishlore VIPMember

    What is the best fish you have or had? and in what size of aquarium it is in?

    My favorite fish? How much time do you have? I have had some absolutely wonderful fish over the last 50 years. Sahsa was a leopard vail angel that was easily the most beautiful fish I had ever seen (FW) I have no photos of her. That was long before I had the gear to photograph aquariums.

    Fred and Ginger. If I had to pick only two it would be them. They were a mated pair of angels that lived for many years.
    1a. Ginger as a very young fish

    1b. Fred as a very young fish.
    1c. Fred.

    1d. Fred and Ginger in a black water tank.

    Your best aquarium plant?
    Madagascar lace.
    It is in the back.
    1a. _MG_42220_zps29dd4295.jpg

    1b. Mr. Betta resting in the lace hammock.

    3. Your best aquarium lighting?
    I have two high output Marineland LED plant lights on the 44 pent.

    4. Your best aquarium equipment?
    Hard to say. I only use well made long lived gear. Mainland HOB's, canisters and lights. My air pump is a high out put magnetically driven piston in the basement. BRS 5 stage RO/DI unit.
    I do miss the glass body Diatom canister I had in the 70's It was a lot of work using the diatom powder but it kept the water absolutely clear. It filtered down to the 10 micron I believe.

    5. Your best aquarium decoration?
    How about best setup? This is the 44 pent from several years ago. It was Fred and Ginger's tank I miss this setup. You can follow the build here
    The 44 project

    6. How many aquariums do you have and what are their sizes?
    We are down to just a few now. Been giving away aquarium setups over the last couple of years. Last year we gave away a 55,30,30.

    We have at this time a 150 tall, 44, 30, 46 bow front, 29, 55, 37 and a 10 gal QT.
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  13. ZerologistWell Known MemberMember

    Wish I had fishes and tanks like yours... Thanks for answering!
  14. smee82Fishlore VIPMember

    Best fish ive had would hands down be my dario dario, Tiny little fish in a 100g tank but full of spunk.

    Best plant would probably be my annubis nana ive got 6 or 7 in my tank at the moment. They all came from a single plant i bought 5 or 6 yrs ago minus the cuttings ive given away

    Best lighting would be my current t5ho and best equipment would be my sump.

    The plants and driftwood would be the best decor in my tank.

    Ive only got the 1 tank setup at the moment 100+g plus 50g sump ( i would have to recalculate what it is exactly but im too lazy, i think its 110 but im not sure). I tore down the 10 and 15 when my wife got pregnant and the 8g shrimp bowl not long after she gave birth.
  15. SepehrWell Known MemberMember

    1. I find Angelfish beautiful, Zebra Danios are also great when they shoal (I am in love with Shoaling fish)

    2. I have never used one but My Cousin used to take care of them and I like Ludwigia Broad

    3. I have not bought one yet, I am just waiting for a big upgrade.

    4. My Filter, When I turn it on, My Fish can not swim and Zebra Danios try to fight against it.

    5. Saltwater Decoration

    6. I have five :
    250 Liters, 40 Liters, 60 Liters, 10 Liters, 20 Liters

    You first photo, is that a Electric Blue Angelfish?
    If it is, I think I got a very Young one like yours!
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  16. Thunder_o_bFishlore VIPMember

    Thank you Psalm_23 :)
    Had a lot of help and guidance from the good people here at Fishlore. It also helps that Sunhawk also suffers from M.T.S :)

    Not sure. Ginger lost the blue when she reached spawning age.
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  17. bizaliz3Fishlore LegendMember

    Ok....since you sent me a special request....I'll give this a shot. Lol but the first question has waaaaay too many answers for me!!!

    1. What is the best fish you have or had? and in what size of aquarium it is in?

    This is a really tough one.....I don't know how I can possibly pick one fish!!!!!
    My pearlscale angels probably take the cake. And my yellow blue eyed plecos. They tend to be the focus in my fish world. However I do have some other pretty awesome fish! Like my Jack Dempsey, bgk and dwarf parrots!! And the list goes on!! Lol

    2. Your best aquarium plant?
    My favorite looking plant is the aponogeton Ulvaceus bulb. Here's a photo of my newest aponogeton Ulvaceus.[​IMG] The problem is in my experience they have a short lifespan. And I've only been able to successfully keep them with baby fish because their extra soft leaves get chewed up by most fish. Juvenile and adult angelfish chew up these leaves before they even have a chance to open up. :-(
    Here is a picture of my first aponogeton ulvaceus...it was stunning. But after just a couple short months it stopped producing new leaves and the bulb rotted and died. I'm hoping I will not have that happen with my new one!!

    3. Your best aquarium lighting?
    I just use inexpensive no-name led lights off of eBay. Aquaneat is the brand.

    4. Your best aquarium equipment?
    My python water changer!!! Nothing I do would be possible without it :)

    5. Your best aquarium decoration?
    Hmmmmmm fake decor...or live decor?
    My favorite fake décor is my sunken ship. My plecos use it to spawn in :) my favorite live ornament is this "tree" I put together recently [​IMG]

    6. How many aquariums do you have and what are their sizes?
    14 up and running...sizes in gallons:
  18. ZerologistWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks for responding!!! By the way, you could mention all your fishes if you want XD...
  19. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    Nice! I had 4 rock kribs at one point myself, very nice and peaceful fish (yes, mine were peaceful.... believe it or not lol).
  20. ZerologistWell Known MemberMember

    Hi @Anders247 ! Please answer my question also... Thanks!