What is wrong with the fry?

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Let me start at the very begining.

3-4wks the 15 gallon developed Ich. Long story short, treated with heat and meds. It appeared almost all gone except on my pleco. We were supposed to be upgrading the tanks. The new 29 gallon was sitting there waiting for all the fish. Not to mention the family that was purchasing the 15 gallon was getting impatient of waiting. I informed them of the ich so they didn't just add new fish, etc. We moved the fish to the bigger tank. This is when I noticed a large chunk of glass missing from the corner of the tank. Ugh!

The ich was still present on the pleco. I decided to treat again.
Within 2 days the pleco died

I dismantled the tank, put my lonely 2 remaining fish in a bucket with all the plants. Drove the 1.5hrs to return the tank. Drove all the way home. Opened the box... filter missing. ! I assembled the tank again. Dumped all the buckets of water back in the tank (minus fish bucket). Set up the heater, etc. Drove the 1.5hr each way again to get the filter. Ran out of time so poor fish had to wait again. Had to do school, picks ups, dinner and drop off my daughter at guides.

I came home and went to add the fish. Surprise!!!
I suspect that it was the mm platy as she was slightly round.
She dropped 19 in the bucket. I rescued all and put in the breeder box temp. Everything is assembled and fish all warm and happy again. Well in the am we had lost 1 fry but there was more darting around the tank. We rescued 6 more the others are hiding and wedging in rocks, so I left them.

My concern is 2 of the babies have what looks like a balloon belly. The others pick on one of them and almost dart at it.

Now the mother isn't looking good either. She is hiding under the driftwood and doesn't want to eat
I turned out the light and am hoping for the best. I feel bad as that was a lot of stress over the past month for one small fish. (It only ever got 2 noticeable spots of ich)
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Did you rinse the tank really well before filling it with the water and transfering the fish? There is often residue on the tank and silicone from the manufacturing process. I would say no matter what is going on at the moment, the first thing I would do is a very, very large water change and add extra activated carbon if you have some handy to help remove any possible toxins.

It could also just be stress related as you suggest, and the fry may just be unhealthy fry but I wanted to rule out other possible factors in case that really isn't the case.
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Yeah I rinsed really good. For like 20mins.
Transferred everything, water and all.
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What are your ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH levels currently at?
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Ph - 7.2
Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 20
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I've heard of platy fry being born with yolk sacs still attached... I wonder if this is maybe what you are seeing? It may be possible the stress caused the mom to give birth a little early and some of the fry are maybe a little under developed.

The mom sounds like she could use the best water conditions you can provide her. Do daily partial water changes if you can. Soak her food in garlic juice, it may entice her to eat and the garlic will help boost her immune system and help her recover.

Keeping the lights off can also help reduce stress, but you may have to turn them on 1/2 hour before feeding and then turn them off again when the feeding is over.

Unless other symptoms develop, I'm not sure there is much more you can do for her. Quarantining fish in this condition is usually recommended but it appears you aren't equipped to do that at the present time.

Other members may have advice to pass along so we'll see if anybody else can come up with other possibilities.

Good luck with them all bellabean. Hopefully things improve soon.

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