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What Is Wrong With My Tiger Oscar Chiclid

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Jroll2001, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Jroll2001 New Member Member

    I noticed these white spots developing on my fish, could this be itch and if not or if so how could I treat it?

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  2. richie.p Well Known Member Member

  3. Jroll2001 New Member Member

    Thank you, I appreciate it. Is there anyway I can treat it? I stopped at my local pet store today and picked up some tetra ich tablets to try and ease it. I always pulled the filter so I could properly medicate the tank and I have also turned the temp up a tad bit if they will help as well. But if there is any other way of curing this that would be of help.

  4. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    Meds are the only way you'll need to do the full course, ich are at their most vulnerable when they fall from the fish into substrait the spors then start the cycle all over again this is the time the meds work, so don't think it's gone when the white spots fall from the fish. I'd like the others to look at the mouth part in the third photo to see if that's a fungus or a bad case of ich, they will join in when they log on
  5. coralbandit Fishlore VIP Member

    I would recommend Kordon rid ich or a type of ich med with malachite green and formalin as it's main ingredient .
    Don't urn your filter off but you need to remove the carbon from filter .
    You need to keep water in good condition and most meds require water changes during treatment.
    Vacuuming the bottom of tank is important to suck up the little ich when they fall off.
    I a medicine guy .Others may recommend other options . You got to kill ich or it kills your fish .Your guy looks pretty covered .
  6. Jroll2001 New Member Member

    Ok, sounds good. I appreciate the help. So I’m guessing vacuum the gravel once all the parasites have fallen off or should i do this as the medication is taking action?
  7. Jroll2001 New Member Member

    I wanna see how the tablets work first, and if they don’t work I will turn to the medicine that you stated. But I did take the filter cartridge out and replaced it with a non carbon filter padding. Now should I wait a few days to see if the ich starts to go away and if it doesn’t should I add more tablets or should I just get the stuff you recommended? And how long should I wait until I vacuum the gravel?
  8. Jroll2001 New Member Member

    I just don’t wanna see the little guy die
  9. coralbandit Fishlore VIP Member

    You got to follow directions for tablets .
    Most meds need to be dosed everyday until you have 3 days with no spots. Could be 7-9 days of medicating .
    Since you re dose meds everyday many make waterchanges /vacuum everyday.
    If the meds you have are one install and wait and see then you need to re dose them for the percent of water you change ..
    Vacuuming removes ichs that fall.They are not all the same age so they be falling every day. You need to vacuum everyday to help the meds in case they miss any of the ichs .
  10. Dawn Michele Well Known Member Member

    Your in good hands with @coralbandit. Keep us posted on how he is doing.
  11. Jroll2001 New Member Member

    Ok, that makes sense. I’ll get to work doing that
  12. Jroll2001 New Member Member

    He has explained very well of what I have to do, when I notice changes I will be glad to post new pictures of the results and I’ll be sure to keep ya’ll posted.
  13. Dawn Michele Well Known Member Member

    Sounds good. My BEST o him!!! :)