what is wrong with my fish?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Videos' started by v.tewell, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Agree with above post. Take out some water for testing and immediately double-dose prime. Then perform a 50% water change and post parameter results.
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    1 bolivian ram
    1 platy
    2 Orange swordtails

    checked water peramparameters last week and all was well . he will get up and start swimming normal, then he will flip on his side and fall to bottom of the tank, like In the video . the other fish seem fine .

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    It look`s bad.See if you can read up on the type of fish you got and their water cond..,then give them the perimeter `s they need.Maybe some drift wood to soften the water & bacteria culture drop,but ask at your local f/s.
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    What were the exact numbers? Personally, I don't like nitrates above 40. Plus, livebearers can be messy and produce a lot of nitrates- even if params were perfect a week ago, they probably aren't anymore. (it's best to do weekly water changes anyways).

    I'd strongly suggest doing a water change soon.