What is wrong with my blood parrot ? And what worm is this


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2 years
I have beem treating my tank for ich with ich-x for 7 days now with daily gravel vac and water change and have extra air stones added and the temperature is at 86. My parrot fish were barely affected and the fish that were really bad with ich are 100% clear for 4 days now. I did treat the tank with general cure for flukes also. about 3 days ago the blood parrots started scratching all over (I assume the gill flukes are dying).

All the fish are clear of ich but I have noticed for 3 days only 1 of my 2 blood parrots have white dots all over! Im not sure if its ich or
something else. Past day seems about the same. The rest of the fish are fine. Should I keep treating with ich x until this 1 fish is clear of these white dots? or should I stop ich x and do the second dose of api general cure?

I did a salt dip on him today for 30
minutes while i did the gravel vac + water change. I also scraped him gently to look under a microscope and saw a thin and long worm like thing moving any idea what it is?


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