What Is Wrong With My Betta?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Knicks98, Aug 4, 2017.


What is wrong with my fish?

  1. Ammonia burns

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  2. Fin rot

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  3. Bacteria infection

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  4. Some combination

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  1. Knicks98New MemberMember

    I had my betta do a fish in cycle which I will never do again. However 3 days after I bought him I noticed red forming on the inside of his fins. A week before the cycle finished I noticed his tail become frail in 1 place. However. Since the cycle ended, you can see more frailing of his tail. What should I do?

    Here is a pic

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  2. supersqueak10Valued MemberMember

    Hi there!
    I'll start by asking your water parameters? How often do you do a water change?
    Knowing that info will help narrow down what might be wrong. He might have a very minor case of fin rot starting that water changes will help. As for the red, I think that's just his coloring. Many times when you bring a betta home and he's in a nice big tank that's heated and filtered, their colors really show.

  3. California L33Well Known MemberMember

    What @supersqueak10 asked and said. :) A few better pictures would also help. And are his fins always clamped like that? Does he ever spread them or flare?
  4. Knicks98New MemberMember

    Water parameters are close to or are neglible for ammonia and nitrites. Nitrates are lower than .2 according to API testing strips. I did about 40 percent water changes every 3 days when the tank was cycling. Now I've slowed down to about once a week.

    Also, these pictures are with him swimming cuz he never stands still when I get close to the tank. He stops and spreads his tail when he doesn't see me. I am a little concerned cuz he was glass surfing during the cycle but has stopped since the cycle ended (his change in behavior is what made check the parameters to see it was over), yet he seems to be suffering greater damage to his tail since the cycle ended.

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  5. Racing1113Well Known MemberMember

    Do you have any decor that could injure him? What kind of filter do you have? What size tank? Do you have a heater?
  6. kayla.sWell Known MemberMember

    The redness around the gills could be ammonia burns. When a fish is stresses it becomes more susceptible to other illnesses, such as fin rot. If you're conditions are perfect, (0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 40- nitrate) his fins should heal in their own time :)
  7. Racing1113Well Known MemberMember

    I would actually recommend your nitrates to never go above 20 :)
  8. California L33Well Known MemberMember

    The red I'm seeing might just be his color. I don't see any around the gills where it's the greatest concern.

    As for tail fraying, there are pretty much five possibilities-

    1- catching it on tank decorations or equipment
    2- having it get sucked into the filter intake
    3- biting his own tail
    4- fin rot (fairly easy to tell when viewed up close- red or black tips with curling)
    5- fungus (white cotton-like tufts at the tips)

    You'll need to watch and determine what it is.

    Helping to heal a wounded tail is pretty straight forward. If it's one of the first 4, clean water. Just do a PWC every day. If it turns into serious fin rot you might give him an aquarium salt bath (correct mixture escapes me at this time, but it's here in this forum a hundred places). If it becomes severe then medicine. If it's fungus you'll need a fungicide.
  9. Knicks98New MemberMember

    I still feel as if my betta is getting worse and not better.

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  10. California L33Well Known MemberMember

    It's hard to say. It looks more like damage to me than fin rot, but I'd need clearer pictures.

    The fin tips look tattered to me, like he's dragging them across decor, or getting them sucked into a filter intake. I'd replace the plastic plants with silk, as a start.
  11. Racing1113Well Known MemberMember

    Agree with previous comment. Looks like damage to me too. Could you please answer what kind of filter, what size tank, and if you have a heater?

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