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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Abbs12, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Abbs12Valued MemberMember

    Yesterday I noticed our Betta, Hei Hei, had a little white speck near his gill. At first I thought it was just something that got stuck to him but it's still there. It's not fuzzy and hasn't grown in size or moved. When he flared it looked like his gill was torn a little. Does this look like a parasite or just an injury?

    He is acting and eating normally, so apologies for the pictures. He wouldn't stay still!

    5 gal heated and cycled tank. 0-ammonia, 0-nitrites, and between 20-40 nitrates. Our PH is around 7.4-7.6




  2. sfsammWell Known MemberMember

    Might be the beginnings of ich, could be nothing. Do extra water changes and get and keep your nitrAtes under 20 and it'll probably clear up. What temp and size is his tank? 5 gallons is recommended and temp at 78-80. If it's been too high or too low it can cause stress that can leave them susceptible to disease. Sometimes these things pop up and are seemingly random. Keeping pristine water for at least the next two weeks (and if temp is off adjusting accordingly) should clear him right up.
  3. Abbs12Valued MemberMember

    It is a 5 gal fluval spec and temp is set to 78 deg I do twice a week 40-50% water changes. Just did one this morning. Our nitrates our going down (unfortunately our tap has high nitrates and we have been battling this) with our new plants. Next week we go on vacation for two weeks and my husband will be doing tank maintenance, but I am usually the one doing everything so it has me a bit worried. I am definitely going to keep an eye on it though and hope it's nothing serious.
  4. UniqueSharkWell Known MemberMember

    It's nothing. Probably bumped against something. Keep checking if anymore appear, if it's fuzzy, if it's pink
  5. Abbs12Valued MemberMember

    Checked him out this morning and it actually looks a little smaller. I think it is just a small injury. No growth and his behavior is still normal. He flares at his heater from time to time and I can see under his gills and they look totally normal too. I am going to do another water change tomorrow or Saturday just in case and one more before we leave and my husband takes over.
  6. Abbs12Valued MemberMember

    Just a little update, it is now gone and nothing has changed with him. So not totally sure what it was but I don't think it was a parasite or illness
  7. UniqueSharkWell Known MemberMember

    Glad he healed so fast

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