What Is This??

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    Posted in two facebook groups which of course are slow as heck to respond at times. I asked my fiance to verify this and we both agree, Xenia was not like this a few hours ago. Just went to check on them and found this. I thought gas bubble disease but these bubbles are solid and even in her mouth. She can't open her mouth that well but she still managed to eat. What the heck is this??

    I have zero space to quarantine at the moment and need to be at work in an hour. Water quality is good Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 10. Temp is running around 70-71. There is a male in the tank, well what we presume is a male. Theres no other odd marks on her just this. xenia.jpg xenia2.jpg
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    I assume you tried to pick some of them off? Just based on the picture I'd say it was gorging itself on eggs.