What is this stuff in my tank?



I am fairly new to fish keeping, i have been asking alot of questions on here and advice.

I have noticed this mustard coloured algae looking stuff taking over my fish tank, is this normal?

I did suffer from high ammonia in this tank and have sorted it out over the past month and a half with regular water changes.

Thanks guys


I believe the stuff is Diatom algae. It's very common in new setups. Eventually green algae will take over.
In the mean time, manuel removal is about all you can do. Certain snails eat diatom, but they might not hold up against African Cichlids.


In a tank with Riftlake cichlids algae are normal and actually not bad, as the Mbuna graze on them. Leaving them to grow to a nice layer of aufwuchs will in the long run save money on fish food. And they suck nitrates from the water as higher plants in other setups would do.

But seeing the mix of species, I'd maybe sort them a bit and maybe rehome some of the fish. There are some things about the feeding that should be observed. In any case, never feed that tank bloodworms, there are some fish, that can die from eating them as they don't do well with protein rich diet.
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Thanks for the information guys i appreciate it

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