What Is This Snail?

  1. ornithurae

    ornithurae Valued Member Member

    I found this snail in my tank today, and I thought it might be a baby ramshorn, but it seems to be more conical in shape. I have found a couple like this and I have been removing them as I find them. What is it?
    I have found ramshorn eggs and a single snail on a recent shipment of plants but I removed them and this new snail doesn't look quite like them.
  2. TwoHedWlf

    TwoHedWlf Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, pretty sure that's a ramshorn.

    And if you found ramshorn eggs and a single snail on your plants then there were 1000 eggs and a dozen snails you didn't find.
  3. Anders247

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  4. smitty23

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