what is this? in my clown fish's gill

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fish Disease' started by adadrian, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. adadrianNew MemberMember

    saw this swimming around in my tank one day (never seen it before) thought it was weird but it was big so i took this photo


    the next day i woke up and saw it in my clown fish's gill, half of its head was in it while the bottom half was out.
    i went through a few of my books and heard to get rid of hitch hikers to dip it in fresh water so i did that for half an hour nothing. the clown fish was not looking well and i was panicking so i scooped out the clown fish with the net, got tweezers and tried crushing the thing, (it went crunch and was hard) but it still wouldn't move from the gills. so i decided to risk it and pull it out. it was holding onto its gills I'm pretty sure as when i pulled it out i heard a few rips. put the clown fish back, was swimming but a little slow and could tell shocked

    anyway here's the photo's of it once i took it out

    top :


    note he still was alive 12 hours after keeping him in a bag with no water nothing and being half crushed with tweezers


    i felt so bad,
    LUCKILY the clown fish is still alive (the next day) and seems fine, although i can tell the gill is a bit open and a little red inside. i think he will be okay.

    im guessing i did the wrong thing (As its my first salt water tank and never experienced it)

    i have a 90 litre (plus sump) tank with live rock and 2 clowns in it.
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  2. SlugWell Known MemberMember


    It almost resembles a sphaeromatid isopod due to it's tail appendages. But it's eyes say Cirolanid which are harmful. Sphaeromatid are supposed to be harmless, but if it was in the gills it might be snacking on the clown. Best to remove it at any rate.

    Any larger photos of it? Did it curl into a ball when you caught it?
  3. adadrianNew MemberMember

    i can't remember if it went into a ball when i pulled it out.
    and no they are the only photo's

    thanks. what should of i done with it? did i do the right thing?
  4. SlugWell Known MemberMember

    Yes you did fine. My general rule is when in doubt, take it out! Especially these little pests, even the harmless ones are not good to chance in the aquarium. Just keep a look out for any more, hunt them at night or right before the lights come on. Hopefully they haven't bred in the tank. Grabbing them with tweezers, or forceps is fine. However you can get them off. Sucking them up with a turkey baster will sometimes work if small enough and in water.

    Looks like that one got in a good meal before you found it.

    If you are really brave you can stick your bare hand in and see if any latch on, seriously I've read people do that, though I hear there is a little pain to it.

    You could also bait it, stick a piece of shrimp or similar in there after lights, watch, and wait. See what you bait in. Put the meat in a net or something as some of these isopods can be quick!
  5. adadrianNew MemberMember

    i just cleaned out my filter sock and found these, (along with a baby shrimp i threw back)

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  6. SlugWell Known MemberMember

    Uh oh, more is never a good thing. Keep a close eye on your fish. Keep checking your tank after lights out. That one on the bottom left looks like it just ate something whatever you feed the fish with or the fish themselves.

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