What Is This? I'm Baffled.

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    First of all, I really like this fish....Yes, it is a rosy red minnow.

    My rosy has had these balls going on for about 4 months now. Started with one four months ago. I've had the rosey for a little over a year. No other fish in the tank has any issues. I watched and it just seemed to stay there. I have 4 tanks and the one this one is in a 90 gallon. All the fish in it have been in there for the same amount of time. Levels are good. It's not overstocked. I have a pleco, angel, danio, moore, Boesemani Rainbow, regular grey fat head and another rosy.
    A little over two weeks ago, I noticed another two balls on it. I put it in my 5 gallon quarantine tank and treated with Kordon Rid Ich. Raised the temp and waited. Nothing. I then tried the Kordon Rapid Cure for three days in row, no carbon filter. Still nothing has changed. I have no idea what I am battling here.
    The balls are solid. Not cottony or fluffy. No other ich like spots on it.
    Does anyone have a clue as to what this is so I can treat it properly?

    rr57.jpg rr58.jpg rr56.jpg rr55.jpg RR1.jpg RR.jpg
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  3. OP

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    Thanks. I couldn't come up with anything. However, if it's a viral infection then it can spread to the other fish. I could move it to another tank but I don't know if that's wise. If the virus is in the water, then the other fish have already been exposed. What to do......what to do......