What Is This Fish?

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    Caught in a pond in Florida zone 9b. It is a very long fish, has a minnow like tail, hops along the bottom rather than swims. Aggressively attacks the ghost shrimp and minnows in my tank.
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    Why did you catch a pond fish and put it in your fish tank...?
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    It is a species of darter.
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    Darter! Thanks so much. Wish I came here first. I have been searching for the answer for awhile.

    I'm guessing your asking me in a blasting sort of tone, but I will answer anyways...since you asked. Our back patio is like a science center for my 4 year old son and I. We have an outside tank full of stuff we have caught from the pond. He has learned a lot from it. We have dragon fly and other types of nymphs, ghost shrimp, 3 different species of minnows, baby bass, bream, a toe biter, a water stick bug and tons of different types of water beetles and other critters we haven't identified yet. We take very good care of our fish. It is hooked into an aquaponics systems so we can learn how plants grow.
    We also raise mealworms, lady bug larvae and praying mantis eggs. We catch bugs and put them in an aquarium. It says my pictures are too large to post, but we even have a website dedicated to what we do.
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    Looks like a swamp Darter, Etheostoma fusiforme, fairly common in Florida ponds. Unlike most Darters, they don't need a high rate of water flow. I used to catch them in a a small pond just east of Jacksonville.