What Is This And How Do I Kill It?

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    Tank is cycled, but has no fish or plants yet. Nitrate was zero every time I tested but a few days ago just sky rocketed to 60-80 ppm range. Did a massive water change and been keeping it under control since.

    The same day I noticed the nitrate I noticed white spots growing on the suction cups of my heaters and on my driftwood/tree. It's not growing on anything else in the tank, the rocks and substrate are clean as new.

    I had the lights on 24/7 so every time I walked by it I could see it and see if I wanted to make any changes to it before I add fish. However it's been lights off for about a week now, the tank has had zero light and I've done 3 water changes since I noticed about a week ago. Yet this white stuff is still growing.

    It's a bit more firm on the heaters, it's crusty and kinda just falls off when touched then floats around. The stuff on the wood is more stringy, it's kinda cloudy looking but stays together.

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    I believe is a type of fungus that appears on most driftwood. Many other members had this happen to them. It should go away on its own. I read it is not dangerous.
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    It's normal and will run it's course in time. It's just a fungus and if you leave it alone it will go away within a month or so

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