What Is The Name Of This Fish?

  1. nmfsd1

    nmfsd1 New Member Member

    Just wondering the name of these guys! I have two but I don't recall what they're called.. Thanks!
    81d827bd40e8641d0b2ec4a3405efc66.jpg 4f87f2bbf44f3269c5675d43741b49f4.jpg
  2. Kenny777

    Kenny777 Well Known Member Member

    Some sort of algae eater
  3. BeanFish

    BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Looks like a Chinese Algae eater to me. They get agressive and stop eating algae as they mature. They also grow big.
  4. Aqua J

    Aqua J Valued Member Member

    I think a Chinese algae eater