What Is The Easiest And Most Successful Way To Pellet Train Rtg Arowana?

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Hello Guys,

I bought a blue base 9" Super grade RTG on 22nd December 2017, I kept him in a 342 gallon community tank. Initially he was eating Dried shrimps but then his fin and tail got nipped pretty bad so I separated him. From last 1 month he is in a 50 gallon quarantine tank, he have recovered completely now. I want to pellet train him before reintroducing him in community tank, I have already removed the culprits which could have nipped him. I wanted to pellet train him from day one but as he was in a community tank, the other fishes used to eat the pellets before him and he ignored pellets that time too.

To recover him faster I started feeding him market prawns with dried shrimps and he ate like a beast and recovered quickly. But now as he have recovered I finally want to pellet train him. I tried once before but gave up within 4 days. Now its already been 10 days since I have started pellet training again and he haven't eaten anything since then. I fed him a big meal of prawns before I started pellet training.

What I am doing now is, I soak 5 pellets in garlic and shrimp paste then drop them after they become bit soft, 5 in morning and 5 at night time. He goes towards the pellets then completely ignores them, then I remove the pellets after 15-20 minutes. The pellets I am trying are Hikari food sticks, Hikari Massivore, Azoo Arowana pellets, Inch gold Arowana pellets. I have read numerous forums but I am getting confused, some also say to feed him Tetra arowana pellets as they have more shrimp and krill content and they smell like shrimp so will be easily accepted, some say to buy ocean free AR-G2 as they are the best. now I just don't want to keep buying different pellets and keep stacking them without knowing if they will work.

I am getting worried as its already been 10 days, is there anything else I could do? I have tried different methods too like dropping pellets one by one and breaking the pellets in small pieces but no luck, I also introduced a 4" blood parrot with him and the parrot was eating pellets but then they kept fighting so I separated them. The shopkeeper/importer assured me that he was feeding him Azoo pellets and AR-G2 before I bought him and he was in Arowana community tank before. For how many days can I starve him safely, I don't want him to die due to starvation, it costs so much to get one. Please help me whats the best way?

Kind Regards,


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Never had a Arowana, but you can starve the fish for a week.
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