What Is The Difference Between Shrimp? Question

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  1. ada6991

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    What is the difference between red cherry, red fire sakura and bloody mary.?
    Can I keep them all together and will they interbreed?
    What would happen if they do interbreed?
  2. Feohw

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    I believe red sakura shrimp are a redder version of the cherries. The bloody mary shrimp should be a deeper red, kinda like a ruby. I believe I read that their shells are clear, allowing you to see their flesh which is red.

    They will interbreed. You may end up with shrimp that are redder than cherries, but not as red as sakura. Not sure about the result of bloody mary shrimp interbreeding.
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    they are all neocardinia shrimp and will interbreed, just different names for different varieties or shades. Bloody Mary will be your reddest on the market right now , in theory at least. Sakura is usually just a little step above common cherries which are pretty pale. In order of what you listed it would be common red cherries, then red sakuras, and then blood marys as the darkest/deepest red. Here is a link to an article I put together on freshwater shrimp, it is in the Member Articles section...

    Freshwater Shrimp Keeping

    Hope that helps.