What Is The Biggest Aquarium You Could Possibly Buy Today? Question

  1. claytonyu

    claytonyu Valued Member Member

    I have seen 1000-2000 gallons that are built into houses, but how about those tanks that can be portable and delivered anywhere? How big can they get?
  2. Smalltownfishfriend

    Smalltownfishfriend Well Known Member Member

    I saw an 800 gallon already!! Cost you several grand though!!!!
  3. King o´ Angelfish

    King o´ Angelfish Valued Member Member

    I´ve seen a 1800 gal acrylic tank.. . . they prob get even bigger.
  4. OP

    claytonyu Valued Member Member

    These are probably custom made. I would love a tank from 300 to 500 gallons provided I have the money
  5. Mike1995

    Mike1995 Well Known Member Member

    the biggest my local fish store has for glass tanks in gallons is 300 gallon. The longest glass tank they have is a 265g, 7 feet long.
    but, i think they have huge acrylic tanks made for people. They have a 1300 gallon saltwater display tank.
  6. wodesorel

    wodesorel Well Known Member Member

    I saw a used 1800 gallon tank that had been pulled out of a failed restaurant listed on Craigslist last year. Did not have the money or the space, but it wasn't as crazy expensive as I thought. I am guessing one of the demo crew helped themselves to it before the building was torn down, and I figure I'll never see something like that again my lifetime. I am pretty sure the tank was glass if I am remembering correctly and I assuming it was customed made for the chain, but there were no details where it was from.