What is the best way to transfer existing saltwater animals to new tank?

  1. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hi, so I recently set up my saltwater reef tank but have had some issues in part due to my over zealous stocking and maintenance.
    That said, I have not been happy with the look of the tank. I have found a slightly larger tank-48x24x24inches and stand (My current tank is 90g and I believe this is 110g). The tank is drilled and has the plumbing for a saltwater/reef aquarium so would delete my hob return.
    The question is, how is the best way to maintain the health of my corals, fish, and invertebrates while transferring the plumbing, including the sump to the new tank? I plan to pick up a few containers to hold the stock and water during the transfer but I wont be able to save all 90g plus the sump water.
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    If you have a good local Lfs they may lend you some extra water containers while you do the swap over, always worth asking especially if you're a regular customer
  3. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Great idea Coradee, the problem is that I don't trade with the local shop (there is one in my town) and most is online ordering or I drive an hour and a half to a store.

    So, that wont work. I guess I will just need to buy some cheap tubs that can later be used for storage?
  4. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Large food grade storage tubs will do the job, you can probably pick a few up quite cheaply
  5. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    This is what I use putput. It was designed for the food industry and it came with wheels and a spout at the bottom - it's perfect! I've been using it for 10yrs. plus with no problems.
  6. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    1971roadrunner, where did you get that-I just googled and got umpteen million kinds of cans (exaggeration!).
  7. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    I got it from a friend who owns a seedy dive bar/restaurant here in my part of town - don't ask further :;tmi!!! Seeing that I know I'm not going to talk you out of this new tank I'll ask...
    * Are you going to set up the new tank in the same spot as the 90g?

    **(I was asking this 'cause it would help me know how to help ???)
  8. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    1971roadrunner, I am replacing the 90g with this one-I was wrong and it is a 120g so thirty gallons more plus it is factory drilled and in great shape.
    I started another thread about the tank as I was not sure how best to proceed with questions-if you want to answer on that one. :)
    I know, slow down! :)