What is the Best type of filtration to use for a 55 Gallon with Cichlids?

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Hello Forum members,

I am new to this Forum but I have a really important question regarding my tank of Cichlids. I have a 55 gallon tank with Cichlids including an Oscar that is about 5 inches right now, I also have a Jack Dempsey or a Texas Cichlid (different people have claimed its not a Jack Dempsey but when I bought him, he was advertised as a Jack Dempsey.

I am looking for a really quiet aquarium filter but also an aquarium filter that is kinda overkill so that it cuts down on maintenance. I have been doing some research for a week or two now, and I think I should probably go for Eheim or Penguin Biowheel but I wanted to get some opinions from others so that I make a smart purchase. I just read an article about Eheim and it seems impressive, quiet and efficient. What do you guys think? Thanks. Also I may be planning on breeding Oscars in the future so I need to know that this will do the job and keep them happy to support that.
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My suggestion is always to double. Two filters. You are going to find the tank size a problem soon, as that is small for those fish. So I would consider having enough filtration for a 100 gallon, in case you decide to keep both fish.
Eheims are very quiet, and in my mind are the best of the canisters. I hate cleaning canisters, but you might not. I'm partial to the big Aquaclears for cichlids larger than 6 inches, just for ease of cleaning. I have had a few Penguins over the years: all but one are all long recycled - they did not last well. I want a filter to run quietly for years, given their price and importance.
Aquaclears usually have to be manually restarted after power outages, a major flaw. But they run for many years and are quiet enough for me. For ease of cleaning and bio-filtration without cycle destroying slot inserts, they are great.

I realize saying a 55 is small for an oscar will anger some people, but please consider that your tank is probably 36 inches across the front. Your Oscar can easily get larger than 12 inches. That isn't much room to move. You can handle a fish that size in a 55 when it comes to water changing and filtration. The little test kits will say you're good. But his/her behavior won't - in quick moving time, it will become hard for those fish to do anything but hover, bored.
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Thanks for the help, that is a really smart idea. I will save for a 2nd filter for the near future. So far I really am happy with the filter I mentioned above.
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Check out Seachem's new line of HOB filters! Just released and appear to have set the new standard in HOB filters. The 75 or 110 would be great for your 55 gal tank.
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I have a Fluval 306 for my 55 gallon cichlid tank. It's doing a decent job. I'm getting ready to add a penguin 350 to it as well.
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If you're looking to save some cash, SunSun makes excellent canister filters for low prices that many members on the forums swear by. I have the SunSun HW303b canister and an AquaClear 50 HOB on my 37 Gallon setup and absolutely love both of them. The SunSun literally does not make a sound unless you have your ear touching it lol
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Drill it and make and add sump
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I run a Penn Plax 1000 canister and an Aquaclear 110 HOB for my 65 gallon Cichlid tank.
Water is clear as and clean.

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