What is the best setup for my two single gravid Endlers livebearers and other colony?


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I'm reading old threads but not finding what I'm looking for just yet and time to set up my tanks is closing in on me LOL.

I'm an experienced person even having owned a pet store with fish, BUT never dabbled into livebearer education or breeding. NOW, since my entire pet sitting business has dried up for now, I decided to resurrect a couple of tanks I had around just for fun (not for selling).

Anyway, I need some help with what to do with two gravid females I have coming, and a few other fish :

My water is hard-ish enough, ph around 7.9

I have lots of stuff stored away in my condo for tanks. Various filters, etc.

1. I have one Betta alone in his own mature heavily planted10 gallon.

2. I have one mature formerly heavily planted cycled 20 Long temporary bare-bottomed tank that I just put 5 Endlers males into - which is what started this adventure LOL. I removed the substrate and the plants are just hanging out there. I'm thinking of using Seachem Onyx Sand mixed with Caribsea Torpedo Beach.

3. I have a 5 gallon and 10 gallon not in use. I have enough cycled material to start them up. I don't mind buying more if I have to.

4. Not excited to divide tanks which would be a perfect solution since I read you'd have to use Aquarium Sealant on the dividers with Endlers size fish ....(per Life With Pets' divider seller)

So here's what livestock I'll have as of next week so I need to set things up:

1. Betta in his established 10 G

2. 5 small juvenile males Endlers can't guess the class)

3. Two breeding pair of Blue Leopard Endlers K Class- and 8 fry

4. Two gravid females:

Peacock Endlers: N Class (Pure-Strain)

Black Bar Endlers: N Class (Pure-Strain)

I think my mistake was getting one Black Bar and One Peacock female of N Class. Although I could probably put them together indefinitely, right? Maybe in the empty 10 Gallon until I obtain second females and a male for each if I go forward with the breeding thing.

OR maybe put the two gravid ones in the 20L tank with the 4+8 fry Blue Leopards since it won't hurt anything mixing the classes/strains for now since the ratio of 4 females to 2 males isn't so bad, right?

Then I could segregate the Two N Class females with their own colony in the future.

WHAT SIZE tank is advisable for one gravid female to drop the fry in the beginning? Wouldn't a 5 gallon with plenty of plants be ok or would that stress her/them?

That's the stuff I have no clue about since usually I think the bigger the tank the better (my 20L used to belong to one Betta) but not sure with the entire breeding and fry thing!

Is it stressful to keep splitting up males and females to keep the fry down?


Any suggestions from you pros would be appreciated!


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all u need is a 30 liter tank that will hold 50 fry and the female endler get a air driven sponge filter and a heater set at 24 and have some floating plants in the tank thats what i do

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