What is the best canister filter

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by llfish, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. llfish

    llfishWell Known MemberMember

    Ok I am thinking of getting one for my 36g. I want one definately for when I get my 125g. So I would love opinions based on experience. Here are my choices of Canister filters : Marineland

    The are all near the same price, I want great quality.
  2. Jaysee

    JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    Of the different brands I have, the Renas are by far the best. However, there is a huge difference between the XP2 and the XP3. I'm not at all impressed with the media capacity of the XP2. But factoring cost, the sunsuns are the best. The fluvals come in third on my list.

    I would definitely get one for your 36, and I would get 2 for your 125. I run a 525 gph sunsun and an XP4 on my 125.
  3. oscardude

    oscardudeValued MemberMember

    I have a sunsun hw306 and a api nexx. The sunsun is by far superior and you camt beat the price. :D
  4. OP

    llfishWell Known MemberMember

    I have never heard of the Sunsun I will have to see if there are available in Saskatchewan. I have heard great things about Rena from one of the managers of Petland.
  5. ryanr

    ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    Hi, which models are you looking at? I can't see that an Eheim would be near the same price of a Fluval of equal flow rates. IME the Fluvals are 20-25% cheaper at the same rate... but I am in Aus, so it may different in Canada.

    I can't go past my Eheims, very very quiet, great quality, efficient. The only 'gripe' I have is that there is no spare media area like the Fluval I had. Meaning if I wanted to add crushed coral, or chemical media, I can't because the canister is already full.
  6. oscardude

    oscardudeValued MemberMember

    Check ebay for the sunsun
  7. OP

    llfishWell Known MemberMember

    The eheims are on the petsmart website and they are online only, I am going to Petsmart tomorrow and will compare prices I am leaning toward the Rena brand so far. I will have to look at the prices there, I cant find them on the petland sight grrr.
  8. carolo43

    carolo43Valued MemberMember

    I have Fluval's but if I was to buy another canister, it would be the Rena 3. Fluvals are noted for airlock problems when starting them up and sometimes it takes me almost forever to get mine going but they do filter well and are quiet. The airlocks are too big of a nuisance to ignore, however.
  9. Jaysee

    JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    Yes, canadian eBay has sunsuns, but they are shipped from the states and shipping is almost as much as the filter.
  10. OP

    llfishWell Known MemberMember

    Yikes, I think Ill go with a Rena thank you for all your help yet again!
  11. melovefish

    melovefishValued MemberMember

    I love xp super quiet and waters crystal clear i llllooooveee iiiiittttt maintinance very easyy
  12. guppygrl

    guppygrlValued MemberMember

    i like my xp too .. perfect size for my 38 gallon hex. quiet and does a great job.