What Is Redox?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Beeman, Apr 21, 2017.

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    I recently picked up 2 packs of purigen for my turtle tank. She is very messy and maintaining good water quality and decent levels can be difficult at times. I was reading more about it and it mentions that is raised Redox, I have never heard this term used before and I was curious what it meant. I googled it a bit and it appeared it measured water quality but I'm not sure what they mean by this? Maybe someone can better inform me.
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    Found something I hope is different than what you came across. Make sense that Purigen advertises this since it strips organics from the water column:

    The ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) or redox potential relates to the degree of water purity in the aquarium. It is a measuring value (millivolts) that gives information about the reduction and oxidation characteristics of water. (Redox is a contraction of reduction-oxidation.) Redox potentials are closely related to the stability of the aquarium and is often used as a 'barometer' of water quality.

    Agents that contribute to poor water quality decrease the oxygen content of water. These are reductive agents and include organic compounds (e.g. food, feces, mulm, etc.) which rapidly decompose to toxic compounds like ammonia and nitrite. Reductive agents decrease the redox potential, indicating the deterioration of water quality.

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    Alright this makes more sense. Thanks for this summary
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    Sure thing, I was curious myself because I had seen that word before but had no idea what it meant so you reminded me I needed to figure it out too :p
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    Glad Bizzarro found it for you I always remember it like this: Red (reduce) Ox (Oxygen) :)