What is normal fish poo like Question

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    davina New Member Member

    I am still struggling with fish dying. Sometimes I even go several weeks with nothing dying. It seems like before most of them have died to include the most recent they have what I think is fish poo hanging off them but now it is seems to me that it happens before they die so. The last tetra looked like he had swim bladder issues as he is upside down unless he is swimming. I don't know if the poo hanging off from him was constipated poo or a parasite that he is pooping or what. So I guess the short version of the question is, what is normal fish poo like?
  2. jgon_

    jgon_ Well Known Member Member

    Poo should be a solid color (usually reflecting the color of their diet). White or clear stringy poo is generally a bad sign. May mean possible internal parasites or other disease.