What is my red tail shark eating?? It doesn't seem to eat anything that I put in my tank


So my red tail shark seems to be thriving even though I don't ever see it eating any of the food I put in my tank. I hear they eat algae, and I put alagae wafers in there which my pleco gets at right away but there's still plenty leftover for the red tail shark and he doesn't really touch it. He's still tiny and i've only had the little guy for a couple weeks and he is growing for sure. He's gotten noticeably bigger these past two weeks. He scavenges all day at the bottom and seems to be eating something but if he likes algae why doesn't he touch the wafers? I hear they also like a fine flake food so I took my flake food and crushed it into micro pieces and let it all fall to bottom of tank, i've done this a few times now just in case he's secretly hungry and I can't tell. He never looks hungry ever but I put some fine flake just in case. Either way even when there's flakes at the bottom he doesn't really touch that either. It's weird... he must be eating something but what is it??


I have a Rainbow Shark in my Cichlid tank. He eats whatever I feed the Cichlids and Plecostomus (Northfin pellets, supermarket shrimp, mosquitoe larvae, doesn't touch cucumber for some reason). I don't drop algae wafers anymore because my fish just gobble them up whole in one bite so my Pleco never has a chance at all.

In my opinion, if he's active and scavenging, there's not much to worry about. He will eat eventually. I had my Rainbow Shark for quite a while, so I can't remember what his behavior was like when I first got him. You should be fine in my opinion.

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